Reasons why the tires are worn unevenly!

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We have some info on common causes when tires are worn unevenly! Three important points at a glance: 1. The condition of the tires has a significant impact on the safety of the car. This means that you absolutely have to regularly Tire pressure and I baked the Tire tread should check. 2. If you find that the car's tires are worn unevenly, you should quickly look for the cause. Even if the worn tires are replaced, the problem will continue and the newly fitted tires will also be worn on one side again until the cause is eliminated. 3. In the following guide, we explain what causes unevenly worn tires and what you should do in this case.

Identify unevenly worn tires!

In the following we will explain the typical causes of uneven tire wear. You should check whether the error patterns only apply to a single tire, or to a driving side (front & rear left or front & rear right), or to an axle (front left & right or rear left & right).

  • High tread wear at the center of the tire: If you should notice that the tire of the car is increasingly worn in the middle, then the cause for this can be a too high tire pressure being. Because then the tire has increased contact with the road in the middle due to a bulge. This error can negatively affect the safety of the car and minimize tire life. You can find information about how high the tire pressure on your car should be in the car's operating manual or on the inside of the fuel tank cap or on the inside of the driver's or passenger's door.

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  • Wear on the outside of the tire (wall) or the inside of the tire: If the wear rather at the outside or inside occurs, the reason for this can often be a misaligned axle geometry. Reasons for this are driving over high curbs, incorrect repairs or an accident with the car. In order to rule out these errors, alongside a diagnosis of the exact cause Wheel alignment respectively. Depending on the adjustment effort, this costs around 50 to 200 euros.

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  • Excessive tread wear on the outside of the tire (sidewall) and the inside of the tire: When the inside and outside of the tire are worn out, that's a sign you're coming low tire pressure there. As a result, the tire has too high a contact surface (it is practically "pressed flat"). The increased rolling resistance also increases fuel consumption. To determine the correct tire pressure for your vehicle, you should refer to the manual or the inside of the gas cap. Here you will be shown how high the specific tire pressure must be for your vehicle.

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  • Irregular wear in various places: This error pattern often points to one defective shock absorber on the affected wheel. The wear pattern here is often clearly recognizable and is referred to as "tooth-shaped“. The faulty shock absorbers must be replaced with new ones. It should be ensured that the change is made on the axle side and not left and right on the front or rear axle.

Other causes of irregularly worn tires!

The following problems can also be responsible for an unevenly worn tire:

Main inspection (TÜV) and irregularly worn tires

In addition to various other points, the decisive factor in the main inspection is whether the tires are still as roadworthy can be classified. the Minimum tread depth of 1,6 mm must be complied with. Otherwise, the tire must be replaced, otherwise the vehicle is no longer roadworthy. Even with irregularly worn tires, the tread depth must be observed. If the tire shows unconventional wear, you will receive a notification from the respective inspector. Incidentally, it is recommended that the prescribed minimum tread depth is not exhausted. Accordingly, the tread depth for winter tires at least four millimeters have, which incidentally is not wrong with a summer tire. And from a certain age of the tire, the material properties also change negatively. The tire becomes noticeable harder with time. That's why a tire should after 6 years at the latest be replaced. It often happens that the wheels spin more often with old tires because the road grip can no longer be built up sufficiently. You can read the age of your tires on the outside of the tires. The first digits represent the calendar week and the last two digits represent the year. On the rear axle should always the tires with more profile should be used.

Main inspection TUeV Irregularly worn tires
Photo credit: TÜV Rheinland AG

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