Decent Tool for Hobby Tuners: Buying Tips for Newbies

car exhaust 1902909 1280 Decent tool for hobby tuners: Buying tips for newbies

Whether sound design through sporty exhaust systems, visual customization through side accelerators, rear spoilers etc. or performance-oriented optimization: vehicle tuning is a fascinating hobby whose potential seems inexhaustible. In order for the work to be both fun and lead to the desired result, proper tools of solid quality are necessary. What beginners should pay attention to when purchasing is discussed here.

The basic equipment

Those who have not yet carried out any tuning measures should first deal with the general basic equipment for handling vehicles. A must for every hobby workshop are, for example Screwdriver, combination wrench and ring wrench, ratcheting box and each one Torx and hexagon set. These tools can be used to loosen and close various connections, such as those found on bumpers, spoilers or radiator grilles. When buying, you should pay attention to stable materials and clean workmanship. High-quality steel for plenty of hardness, accuracy of fit and precise shapes without grooves or even chrome-plating defects are important criteria. For tools with handles made of plastic, such as screwdrivers, an ergonomic design and non-slip surfaces are essential.

Cordless screwdriver, reciprocating saw and more

The cordless screwdriver is a practical aid for tuning and screwing. However, it should not be a toy-like model from the discounter, but a powerful power tool that is best at both screwing and drilling. A key figure that reveals models with sufficient performance is that torque - the information is given in Newton meters (Nm). The cordless screwdriver should have a minimum of 30 Nm, with demanding challenges, devices from 40 Nm are an advantage. Further decisive product properties are on the Homepage Cordless arranged. The buying guide explains, among other things, the number of volts, battery types and the special features of impact wrenches, drill / drivers and other types of equipment. Recommended power tools from well-known brands such as Makita, Einhell and Bosch are also presented. Other important tools for the automotive and tuning sector:

  • torque wrench
  • pliers
  • Wasserpumpenzange
  • Filing
  • wire brush
  • Rohrschneider
  • Hammer & soft hammer
  • screw tap
  • Dies
  • Angle
  • Tire iron
  • reciprocating saw
  • Spring tensioner

Whether everything from screwdrivers to hammer drills is ultimately needed depends on the tuning plans. Those who only strive for minor measures for optical tuning can do without heavy tool guns. A basic set of standard key sets and a few selected extras is usually sufficient for this. Those who do not shy away from complex tuning need much more individual equipment. While metals can be cut, ground and polished with the angle grinder, for example, the reciprocating saw allows precise cuts on the exhaust pipe.

wrench 988748 1280 XNUMX Decent tool for hobby tuners: Buying tips for newbies

Tip: In order to make work on the exhaust, sills and other parts in the lower area of ​​the vehicle easier, it is worth purchasing Jack stands as well as a hydraulic jack. During the hydraulic jacks allows vehicles to be lifted comfortably, the jack stand promises additional safety when handling a jacked-up car.

Don't forget the lighting!

Tuning on your own vehicle is only fun if all components are sufficiently illuminated. If there is a lack of light, the risk of tools slipping and possibly leaving unsightly marks in the paint increases. At the same time, the risk of injury that comes with a poorly lit work area must not be underestimated. Workshop spotlights and Flashlights are therefore indispensable tools in the hobby workshop. A headlamp is also advantageous for work underneath the vehicle or in hard-to-reach places in the interior. Thanks to it, your hands remain free for tools and assembly work.

Electronic tuning - multimeters as reliable helpers

Ambitious tuning fans who also dare to try electronics need additional extras. Including a multimeter, with which electrical resistance, current and voltage can be measured. This multimeter can be used as an ammeter and voltage meter. Thanks to the relatively low acquisition costs, it is worth buying one Digital multimeters. They display the values ​​numerically. Among other things, a multimeter can be useful when installing and optimizing sound systems in the vehicle. A technology enthusiast explains on his blog For example, how to determine the impedance (alternating current resistance) with a multimeter, clamp meter and pocket calculator. The owner of a workshop in Berlin who specializes in optical tuning and vehicle refinement teaches the basics of multimeters:

We have inspiration for self-made conversions here compiled for you. In the overview you will find numerous user pictures and plenty of motivation for DIY tuning.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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