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From a car to a tow truck - the possibilities!

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Tow truck recovery vehicle The possibilities from car to tow truck!

Your own tow truck? Anyone who has always dreamed of a tow truck to possibly pursue a new job can also convert a normal car. A tow truck doesn't always have to be a truck. Instead, for example, a VW Amorak, a Mercedes-X-Class or a Ford F-150 can be used as a towing vehicle. Of course, one point has to be considered here, due to the limited weight absorption, not every vehicle can also be towed with such a tow vehicle. And a complete “charging” is also not possible with such a variant of the tractor. Depending on the model, the effort involved in converting a tow truck also differs. But it is basically possible.

Planning when converting to a tow truck

Tow truck salvage vehicle 3 From car to tow truck the possibilities!

Before you can start converting to a tow truck, you have to plan in the first step. For example, what a tow car should be. So there is, namely the possibility of equipping with glasses, but also with a crane or hook. All variants have their advantages and disadvantages when towing. For example, glasses always require easy access to the car. You don't have this problem with a crane. Of course there is also the possibility to take both variants into account when converting to a towing vehicle, but this is associated with a higher outlay. The conversion is basically limited to the rear area. Any existing Borg wall must be removed here. You shouldn't build the glasses or the crane yourself, but buy it precisely and pre-installed. Be it as a used or new model. You then have to mount the attachment. So that the load-bearing capacity is also given here, a firm connection to the chassis must be established.

From electricity to painting during the renovation

Tow truck salvage vehicle 2 From car to tow truck the possibilities!

Since both the crane and the glasses work electrically, they have to be manufactured using the vehicle electronics. Corresponding cables must be laid and connected through the driver's cabin. There are also various options with regard to the structure. Depending on the type of towing device, storage compartments can also be taken into account. These can be made of wood or in the form of a checker plate. All materials that are necessary for a towing process can then be stowed in it. The extent to which the vehicle still has to be painted after the conversion work essentially depends on the conversion work. If in doubt, a complete paint job may also be required. Apart from the painting, you can also use a warning film and the equipment with Yellow light, as a warning device. With the yellow light you have to take into account that you need an official permit. In general, you have to approve a conversion to a tow truck by the TÜV.

a small overview:

  • Lifting goggles: A conversion with lifting glasses is particularly suitable for parking garage use due to the low overall height. This allows you to accept orders for incorrect parking, seizures, etc. The variant of the tow truck is designed so that it optimally transfers the forces into the chassis.
  • Additional axle: The car needs a lot of payload? Then there is one additional axle a solution! The chassis load-bearing capacity increases, but there is still a car-like driving behavior and driving comfort. This variant is still very compact and manoeuvrable and therefore ideal for narrow streets and gate entrances.
  • Tow: A conversion to a larger tow truck enables a sliding platform in addition to the additional axle. It can be used to tow or transfer a car.
  • Car Carrier: If, for example, cars are to be transferred regularly or special machines with a high dead weight have to be transported, the conversion to a car transporter with additional axle and fixed plateau makes sense.
  • Car trailer: That is also an option. A trailer enables a good opening angle and you are agile and flexible.

Note: A vehicle has to be Towing device have. All information is available in our article "The towing device - mandatory on every vehicle!".

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