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High performance oil filter: The TRABOLD filter system!

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TRABOLD filter system bypass oil filter tuning retrofitting e1615897227634 High performance oil filter: The TRABOLD filter system!

What is the TRABOLD filter system actually? With the patented TRABOLD high-performance filter the conventional one is omitted oil change and the engine and system wear becomes clear through the intervention in the usage-related oil change process on a chemical and physical level reduced. For the user, the usual oil change is no longer necessary, he saves money and, on top of that, millions of tons of high-quality oil are produced every year saved. The filter system, which consists of a high-quality, anodized aluminum housing, works independent of the engine and is provided with heat-dissipating cooling fins, which reduce the oil temperatures. The filter system is as oil cooler built, which is one of the reasons why the oil no longer needs to be changed as often.

The filter insert

A newly developed high-performance filter element with Radial and axial filtering, which works almost without compression, is the heart of the TRABOLD filter system. Dirt particles up to a size of 1/10 micron (corresponds to ten thousandths of a millimeter) become filtered out and water bound. Thanks to the radial and axial filtering, the volume of the filter housing has been reduced and the filter insert is used more economically.

TRABOLD filter system bypass oil filter tuning retrofitting 1 e1615897308546 High-performance oil filter: The TRABOLD filter system!

Since the filter inserts, regardless of whether they have coarse or fine pores, work almost free of compression under pressure, the flow resistance through a porous mass is no longer a problem.

Advantages of fine filtering in the micro range

  • pure oil
  • Lubrication and cooling guaranteed even under the toughest conditions (turbo-proven)
  • Improved engine running thanks to lower friction
  • Reduced fuel and oil consumption
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Extended engine life (vehicles have been driving for more than 500.000 kilometers without Oil change)
  • Reduction through to the elimination of waste oil
  • Active environmental protection

Installation is that easy:

On the engine, the connection is made with a T-piece on the oil pressure switch, the oil return is connected to a nipple on the valve cover or to a nipple on the oil filler neck or the oil pan. Thanks to the fine filtering less fossil fuels consumed and less highly toxic waste oil is producedwhat relieves the environment. The High performance filter system saves up to 90% oil on. At the same time, the engine is spared, operating costs are reduced and technical progress is promoted.

TRABOLD filter system bypass oil filter tuning retrofitting 2 high-performance oil filter: The TRABOLD filter system!

Why was the oil change necessary at all?

Over time, more and more particles and Combustion residues into the oil due to the lack of sealing on pistons and valves. In addition, there is metallic abrasion from the engine and with the thermal load on the oil, the resins and paints contained in it are converted.

Does the oil lose its lubricating power after a while?

Without a good filter system, the oil loses its lubricating power over time. Thanks to the TRABOLD filter, the oils even gain a demonstrably significantly increased lubricity compared to fresh oil with a kind of refining process.

Does oil age?

With the High performance filtering The process of change in oil due to its use, commonly known as "aging", can take place to a large extent prevented and the properties of the oil can even be positively influenced.

What about the additives, are they filtered out?

Even if the High-performance filter insert has an almost unimaginable filter performance, exists for the additives in the oil not the risk of filtration. However, there are many additives in the oil superfluousif such a High efficiency filter is used. One of the reasons for this is that the filter Absorbs water and thus positively influences the chemical change processes of the engine oil.

Engine flushing gasoline diesel additive high performance oil filter: The TRABOLD filter system!

How can he TRABOLD high-performance filter Filter out water?

This is made possible by the nature of the filter insert, which is almost completely off cellulose consists. Cellulose, a polar medium, can absorb and retain water even when it is soaked in oil.

Are the oil changes positive or negative with the high-performance filter?

How can the oils not changed one better Maintained lubricity and heat resistance? When made in the form of fine particles and kept in that state, the solids that get into the oil and are naturally present have better ones Tragfähigkeit (Lubricity) than oil. Examples are: Copper turnings and copper paste, lumps of soot and colloidal soot (carbon). Coarse-grained metal / sand and particle sizes that cannot be seen by the human eye.

With the partial overheating of the engine oil, the hydrocarbon compounds of the shorter-chain structure in the molecular area separate and bring the natural color of mineral oil, i.e. black, to light again. This blackness is carbon, mainly in colloidal form. We know it's one of the best lubricants that fresh oil can do a lot to improve. Of the High efficiency filter stops particle sizes that cause friction and wear, and lets through particle sizes that improve the quality of the oil.

At the end... Not exchanged, but with one High efficiency filter Lubricate filtered oils besser as fresh oil.

Can the filter insert be changed by everyone? Where can it be disposed of?

When changing the filter insert, you must absolutely environmental protection regulations note. The change itself is very easy and quick. You can either get rid of the filter element where you bought the new one, or you can turn to one Waste oil collection point or Recycling yard.

Workshop vehicle repair tuning build your own high-performance oil filter: The TRABOLD filter system!

Which oil should I use in conjunction with the TRABOLD filter?

When choosing the oil, follow the specifications of the engine manufacturer.

Is approval from my vehicle manufacturer required for the installation of the TRABOLD filter?

No, approval from the manufacturer is not required. The built-in filter is also available to TÜV or another monitoring association can not be to demonstrate. The assembly of a TRABOLD filter system is no structural changes requiring approval on the engine. If you have the High efficiency filter If you want to install it yourself, detailed installation instructions are usually included, otherwise any workshop can do the installation.

Can my manufacturer's warranty be affected by installing a TRABOLD filter?

Cancellation of the guarantee and warranty based on the TRABOLD filter is legal on the part of the vehicle manufacturer not permitted and according to the current status also not done. This would only be possible if that High performance filter system is demonstrably responsible for the damage incurred. For the retrofitted High efficiency filter The manufacturers do not, of course, assume any guarantee.

What guarantee is there on the TRABOLD filter?

The TRABOLD filter system comes with a three year guarantee. The assembly must be carried out conscientiously according to the instructions.

Why is oil still being changed?

With the High efficiency filter Not only are important resources saved, but they are also used to stabilize the climate. Instead of processing used oil, most of it is burned nowadays and thus pollutes the earth's atmosphere. Applied all over the world, the TRABOLD filter system could make a contribution to the Environmental and climate protection Afford. However, the conservation of oil stocks goes hand in hand with sales losses in the mineral oil industry, which is probably the reason why the High efficiency filter meets with little approval.

Although the High efficiency filter is consistently well rated and by the customers for cost savings cares, has a move into the automotive production not yet taken place. In addition, workshops earn money with oil changes, which is no longer necessary with the TRABOLD filter system.

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