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Having fun with the vehicle - what is a trackday?

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Mixed tires Tuning racetrack Having fun with the vehicle What is a track day?

Fast cars and motorcycles are of course particularly popular in our tuning community. The vehicles are often extremely powerful, but cannot really be extended on public roads. Although there are still many sections of the route on German motorways without a speed limit, you can only get a +600 PS bolide from there if you are lucky enough to reach full speed up to the maximum speed. And at the latest for fans of fast corners, exciting duels and aggressive braking tests, the public highway is definitely the wrong place. At the same time, of course, the vehicles require an experienced driver who knows their skills. So-called track days are organized so that drivers can practice their own skills or simply have fun driving fast in a controlled environment. A track day offers drivers, cars and spectators a wide range of LEGAL entertainment options.

What is a track day?

Trackday racetrack day Racing day e1595914401962 Having fun with the vehicle What is a trackday?

A track day gives car and motorcycle drivers the opportunity to test the limits of their skills and their vehicle. Trackday can be translated as route day and is often referred to as free driving. A track day usually takes place on well-known racetracks like the Nürburgring or the Bilster Berg. However, it can also take place on a closed runway or on a similar site. The Trackday is characterized by the fact that it takes place away from public road traffic. So drivers can be without fear Speed ​​cameras or accidents to test their skills. The track day is one organized Event that is both fun and should improve driving behavior.

How does a trackday work?

Trackday racetrack day Racing day 2 Having fun with the vehicle What is a trackday?

Participation in a track day is generally open to all drivers with a driver's license and an approved vehicle. Some organizers also require participants to complete a race track training session. Many also offer sports cars for rent with which the drivers can practice. At the beginning of the track day, all drivers are given instructions on how the day is going to end. Then they are often divided into several groups based on their experience and the speed of their car. This ensures more safety on the racetrack. All groups then have the opportunity to do their laps several times on the racetrack. However, their times or placements do not play an important role, since each driver only drives for himself.

What extras are there for Trackdays?

There are a few extras for drivers to make the trackday ideal. This includes the "open pitlane". The drivers are not divided into groups, but can all drive the route at the same time. This option relies on the skills of the drivers. To improve these skills, some trackday organizers provide trained trainers. These experienced drivers point out their weaknesses to the participants. Trackdays can also be used to give drivers a better feeling for their vehicle. This gives them more control over their car later on in public traffic.

Which routes are known / popular?

So-called track days are regularly held on the following routes: ADAC FSZ Nordbayern, Anneau du Rhin, Bilster Berg, Circuito Almeria, Circuito Monteblanco, Dijon Prenois, Dijon Prenois, Hockenheimring, Hungaroring, Mugello, Nürburgring-Nordschleife (Nürburgring-GP sprint track), Oschersleben, Pannonia-Ring, Pannonia-Ring, Portimao, PS Racingcenter Greinbach, Racepark Meppen, Red Bull Ring, Sachsenring, Salzburgring, Slovakiaring, Spa-Francorchamps, Valencia, Zandvoort. Due to the current Corona situation, however, changed regulations apply and some of the Trackdays are also completely canceled. The websites of the various racetracks usually provide information!

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