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Retrofitting traction control in the car? Makeable!

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Deactivate ASR traction control Retrofit traction control in the car? Makeable!

First, something general about traction control (ASR): this is the function of a car that prevents the driven wheels from slipping / spinning on certain surfaces such as ice or other slippery surfaces. The traction control system (ASR) is also referred to as automatic slip control or active slip control as well as traction control. The drive control should start with too much gas ("racing start“) And on bad ground like snow, grit or cobblestones prevent the wheels from spinning and the vehicle breaking away to the side.

Independent installation

Workshop vehicle repair tuning build your own traction control in the car? Makeable!

First, an ASR-capable rear axle differential must be installed. After that, the brakes must also be converted, since ASR works with rear wheel brake interventions. That is the real changeover. In addition, a suitable ASR control unit is also required, since control units from non-ASR vehicles naturally do not master the function. Finally, it is highly likely that you will also need to install your own speedometer. And that was far from it. In addition, an electronic accelerator pedal, a CAN data bus and a tandem master brake cylinder should be installed. Is it worth it? Definitely not! Is it possible? Yes! However, there is no set for retrofitting from a third party. You have to fall back on OEM components if you want to retrofit a traction control. Basically, these things can hardly be retrofitted and even if they were, it would not be worth it because of the high costs. From a legal point of view, it would be done professionally, but fully legally. However, some bumps and incorrect settings would certainly occur with your own installation. After all, all other components have to harmonize with the system.

better another car with ASR

Honda Accord Hybrid Modulo Parts 2020 Tuning traction control in the car retrofit? Makeable!

The traction control system is installed in almost all vehicles today. The pioneers of this system were BMW and especially Mercedes due to the rear-wheel drive, which had major disadvantages on a wet road compared to a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. For the most part, the automakers call the regulation different, but they all have the same function and operate identically. It is very well installed in modern vehicles and usually does not cause any problems. With an independent installation there would certainly be some problems that everything harmonizes and works. Therefore, if you really need the ASR, you are advised to buy an already equipped vehicle and not to install it yourself. With the ASR, some accidents have already been prevented, as this simply means that the vehicles have a lot more grip and prevents them from slipping. However, it is no longer valued as it was 50 years ago, since it is now everywhere everywhere and you no longer perceive it as a luxury.

easier to retrofit on a motorcycle

In addition, the system is extremely mature and is constantly being revised to ensure optimal functions. The ASR is now even used on many motorcycles. Due to the simpler construction and better access, you can even do your own conversion. This has already been successfully carried out by some. Some motorcycle manufacturers like BMW even offer retrofitting on their part (of course for a justified price). In conclusion, it can be said that an independent conversion is (almost) not possible. Even if it did, it would never pay off due to the immense cost. Therefore, it is advisable to simply buy a car that already has one installed. In general, vehicles that do not have ASR are often very old and have to be replaced by a new car at some point anyway.

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Burnout instructions for cavalier start retrofit traction control in the car? Makeable!

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Side wind assistant retrofit VW Mercedes Ford Tuning 3 e4 1582379861960x310 retrofit traction control in the car? Makeable!

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Gullwing steering wheel two-handle stub 310x165 retrofit traction control in the car? Makeable!

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