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This is the best way to spend the time in traffic jams

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Traffic jam Autobahn Stadt This is the best way to spend your time in traffic jams

There shouldn't be anyone who likes to be stuck in traffic. Increased traffic often thwarts some plans, making you late for work, home, friends or other appointments. It can be particularly frustrating when you are behind the wheel yourself and cannot distract yourself because things are slow. To make things a little more relaxed next time and not just sit bored in the car, here are a few useful ideas.

Podcast time

The radio can quickly become boring on a long journey or if it is idle for a long time. How often does it happen that you are in the middle of a song until the moderator interrupts him and advertises? You can do without that by bringing your favorite podcasts into your car. Hear exciting crime stories, funny stories or lifestyle. During a traffic jam, you can listen to the latest episode of your favorite podcast and focus (almost) all of your attention on what is being said. Or you can join in one of the best podcasts trust that you have not yet listened to.

Keeping them happy with games

This is not a board game, but small games that you can best play with fellow passengers. How about "I can see what you can not see“Or other guessing games. Who guesses most of the specs of the other cars around, right? Have a passenger look up the correct answers and keep track of the points each scores. You can also just estimate how many white cars you see and then count that.

Play in traffic jams bored employment e1626758645302 This is the best way to spend your time in traffic jams

If you sit alone in the car and get stuck, you quickly have the smartphone in your hand. However, you can only reach for your cell phone if nothing is actually moving anymore. If the progress is slow, your hands should always be on the steering wheel. However, if the engine is off and the handbrake is on, the smartphone is the best way to pass the time when things are stuck anyway.

Instead of just scrolling through social media apps, you can also go on a bonus hunt. No deposit free spins are a good place to start for this and it is worthwhile to get to know new mobile game sites. Maybe you have a little more luck with it than getting out of the traffic jam quickly.

The next episode of the favorite series

It can also happen that you stop in the bus or train instead of in the car. The following tip is also suitable for all co-drivers and passengers who do not have to sit behind the wheel themselves. It can be worthwhile to watch entire films or series on your mobile phone or tablet. Sometimes you don't need an internet connection because some apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime allow you to download your favorite series and watch them offline. All you have to do is make sure you have completed the download before you leave. Besides, you should always enough storage space on the device, so the selection of films shouldn't be too huge.

Watch Netflix traffic jam car boredom This is the best way to spend your time in traffic jams

Making it comfortable

Sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable and also unhealthy. In the car and even in the bus, however, there is only limited scope for movement. After all, you can stroll along the compartments on the train. But you can also do a few stretching exercises with little space. Pull your legs up like you're climbing stairs. Reaches your arms above your head and stretches your triceps and shoulders. If you don't have to put your feet on the accelerator, you can sit cross-legged for a while.

The traffic jam will not vanish into thin air with these ideas, but it could become a little more bearable. As a driver, however, you should never distract yourself too much, but always remain vigilant and reactive. It is also advisable to keep the belt on, after all, you never know whether it might go on at any moment. Security is the be-all and end-all, even when things are not moving forward.

Watch Netflix Traffic Jam Auto Boredom 3 This is the best way to spend your time in traffic jams

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