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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

Too little space in the car? A trailer could be the solution. A trailer hitch on your own vehicle can be a very sensible thing: for example, if you want to use a horse trailer, a caravan or other trailer for transport, a trailer hitch will offer a clear added value. But what if the vehicle has no trailer hitch ex works? Retrofitting is worthwhile! However, there are a few things to consider here: On the one hand, you have to be clear about which trailer the vehicle is to tow, because the permissible total load, the engine power and the necessary support load of the trailer must always be taken into account. On the other hand, the structural requirements must be present at the rear of the vehicle, but this should be the case with most current vehicles.

for rear carrier the condition

Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

Of course, functions such as lighting and power supply for the trailer must always be guaranteed. Retrofitting should only be carried out by a user with sufficient knowledge, otherwise: rather in the workshop, A trailer hitch for the car makes sense for the one who really needs it! For 1 x transport bicycles a year or drag a trailer is worth the retrofitting certainly not. For multiple use a year but already. And there are several ways to retrofit a trailer hitch. The main difference is that there are detachable and permanently installed couplings. If you use the trailer every day, you should use the permanently installed variant. For those who, for example, only 2-3 x in the year for vacation time, for example, pull their own caravan, also the version with removable ball bar or detachable trailer hitch ranges. The convenience of use can even be significantly increased by an electric trailer hitch for folding and unfolding. Here, the clutch shows up at the touch of a button and disappears just as quickly.

universal usability is given

The ball heads of the pendants are standardized, so that a universal applicability is given. A hinged trailer hitch is particularly useful when the original vehicle look is not to be changed or in the garage little space is available.

Which trailer hitch to which vehicle?

Due to the variety of car makes and models, there are a large number of trailer hitches. Which variant you choose depends, as I said, on the planned frequency of use, the vehicle and also the price. The compatibility should be checked in advance. For example, anyone driving a leasing vehicle must first clarify whether modifications such as retrofitting a trailer hitch may even be made.

Retrofitting a trailer hitch: prices

Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

Retrofitting a trailer coupling can cost several hundred euros, but there are also particularly cheap offers. The rigid variant is the cheapest and is often sufficient: here you can find offers from well under 100 euros. The detachable trailer hitch is more expensive, prices start from around 150 - 200 euros and up. The most expensive technology is the swiveling trailer coupling (including the electrically hinged), but certainly the most comfortable solution. To supply the lighting system is still an electrical kit needed (7-pin or 13-pin), these rates are between 30 and 200 Euro. But they are almost always included. More information on the topic? Can be found in our large report on retrofitting a trailer coupling!

AHK assembly with e-set | Instructions | DIY tutorial

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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle! 

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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

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Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

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