Truck tuning: what accessories are actually allowed?

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A truck (truck) is rarely the personal property of the professional driver in Germany. However, almost all professional drivers spend the majority of their entire professional career behind the wheel of the so-called trucks. That's why many people want one individualization her companion. It is therefore the dream of many professional drivers to design the truck according to their own ideas and wishes. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to things Tuning set: From an individual Lighting about the transformation of interior with self-selected materials up to Chiptuning of the truck there are a number of options to give the truck a personal touch. But what about this? allowed and what measures are illegal?

Truck tuning - is that allowed?

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Within the framework of the StVZO Tuning permitted, but only to the extent prescribed therein. If the regulations are disregarded and violated as a result of certain conversions and vehicle modifications, the owner may be subject to sanctions. Chip tuning for trucks - yes or no? When it comes to chip tuning, legal regulations must be observed just as much as with all other changes and with other vehicles (e.g. cars). Improper chip tuning will result in the loss of the operating permit. This is something to keep in mind when tuning a truck! Changes to the truck require a TÜV certification. In addition, no components should without test mark be used. The official test center is the right place to go if you have any questions.

Truck tuning - that's what the law says!

In general, vehicle tuning is mentioned in Section 19 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (in short: StVZO). This shows all the conditions for the granting and effectiveness of the operating permit. The possible consequences of a vehicle conversion are also listed there. § 19 Section II of the StVZO clearly deals with the conditions that lead to the expiry of the operating license. Permission expires when:

  • the type of vehicle approved and recorded in the operating license is changed.
  • the risk of endangering other road users is to be expected.
  • the noise and exhaust gas behavior is significantly worsened.

When changing the vehicle, it is essential to ensure that none of the effects shown above are caused. When tuning a truck, special attention is paid to a few parts. These may only be fitted if they are fitted with a official test mark marked or where appropriate approval has been obtained. These components include: Lighting, windowpanes, Tires, Window films. Why do the components have to be provided with the test mark or the approval? The reason is quite simple: the components have a significant influence on the control of the vehicle and the overview of the road traffic. Traffic safety could be impaired with unauthorized parts in this area. Therefore, when tuning a truck before buying the corresponding accessories, the following always applies: Pay attention to official test marks!

Styling under the hood - truck chip tuning!

The Truck engine chip tuning means the manipulation/change of the chip for the motor control. This will change the operating processes of the truck decisively. With the chip tuning about the boost pressure or the injection timing changed, thereby increasing torque and power (sometimes you want the torque too reduced will). The aim of chip tuning in trucks is often to reduce consumption while maintaining stable performance. The promise of most manufacturers to this measure is a significant fuel saving.

Truck tuning truck chip tuning

However, not every form of chip tuning is legal. The threshold from legal to illegal is low, so you quickly move into a gray area. This increases the risk of the truck's operating permit being revoked. Chip tuning is often associated with changed noise behavior and increased exhaust emissions. According to § 19 of the StVZO, both side effects represent a reason for the expiry of the operating permit. Therefore, the following areas must be observed for all truck tuning measures:

  • All measures must be examined in advance by a test center and entered in the vehicle documents.
  • Please note the changed noise and emissions values. It is best to have an emissions report issued. Alternatively, you can have the expert opinion of the general operating permit for your vehicle parts (abbreviated: ABE) carried out directly.

Exhaust tuning on trucks

With the help of tuning, the truck - similar to the car – also a richer one Sound be missed. However, the sound quickly poses a problem. There is also a risk that the operating permit will be revoked in accordance with Section 19 of the StVZO. For this reason before the exhaust tuning have the measure checked at a suitable test center. Truck interior tuning - all harmless cosmetics? A more comfortable one Seat or a new one Gear stick for the driver's cab as an upgrade are typical tuning measures in the interior. Here too, however, there are a few rules to be observed. Look for the appropriate certification mark, as unsafe seats and complicated controls pose a risk to road traffic. In general, the following can be said about truck tuning: Always have every measure checked and checked by an official test center, such as the TÜV. Also, before you buy, look for the appropriate test mark to be on the safe side. There are hardly any differences in the topic to the car. Illegal components are always a problem.

Truck tuning truck exhaust

The following things can be modified/installed on the truck: Truck curtains and curtains, tuning lighting, mud flaps, wheel trims, seat covers, center table, steering wheel protectors, passenger table, fringes, front flashers, clearance lights, position lights, stainless steel applications, LED additional lights, front bars, double compressed air tanks, suspension conversion kits, truck window borders, Various stickers/decals/foils, roof lamp bracket, license plate holder, side mirrors/additional mirrors, radiator grilles, chrome lettering, wind protection, lowering, chip tuning, etc.

Truck tuning Truck tuning 3

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