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Strength measurement! Tug of war / tug of war by car

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Toyota Tacoma TRD against Jeep Gladiator Rubicon show their strength! Tug of war / tug of war by car

There are many competitions that are about the performance of a car. Such a competition is the so-called Tug of War, also better known as tug of war by car. If you can't imagine anything like this, this is a very special tug of war. This is because people do not compete against another person or people against a car, but rather a car against another car.

Connection when tug of war with the car

Tear Of War Tug Of War Auto Tension! Tug of war / tug of war by car

So that there can be a tug of war with the car at all, there must be a connection between the two cars. Either a strong and correspondingly thick rope or a steel chain is suitable here. Depending on how powerful the cars are, this must be taken into account in the strength. So that there is no accident between the two cars during the tug of war, you should make sure that the rope or the steel chain are long enough. And more is not important when tug-of-war by car. When placing the rope or the steel chain, you should make sure that it is attached to the same places, ideally at one Trailer hitch or a towing, so that there is an even weight shift.

Security and legal issues when tug of war

Of course, you have to be aware of numerous points when tugging by car. For example, such a tug of war puts enormous strain on the whole car, especially the engine and the brake system. In addition, the tires are also heavily stressed, which can lead to severe abrasion. The pressure that can arise during the tug of war can be so great that it can ultimately even damage the engine or cause one or more tires to burst. The body, the chassis and the drives are also extremely stressed. Safety also has to play a very important role in the tug of war with the car. After all, the rope or the steel chain can tear at any time and if it runs stupid, it flies through the rear window. Accordingly, a large radius must be considered as a safety distance when tug-of-war by car, especially for the spectators. In addition, uncontrolled movements from the vehicle can of course also occur. Carrying out a tug of war by car on public roads is of course without permission should not allowed. If you want to do something like that, it is mainly on private property. Here, however, you have to consider the security issues mentioned above.

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Tear Of War Tug Of War Auto 2 Strength Test! Tug of war / tug of war by car

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AUX, SD u. USB connection - retrofitting is cheap!

AUX SD u. USB connection message 3 e4 1577970536180x310 Test your strength! Tug of war / tug of war by car

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Fuse box relay distributor tuning 6 310x165 show your strength! Tug of war / tug of war by car

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V-belt timing belt tuning e1578037732747 310x165 measure your strength! Tug of war / tug of war by car

An important factor - an improved water cooler

Tuning water% C3% BChler engine% C3% BChler 2 e1578028875312 310x165 show your strength! Tug of war / tug of war by car

Highly visible - a spacey Tron foiling on the vehicle!

Tron foiling wrap night apply 310x165 show your strength! Tug of war / tug of war by car

More braking power with a compound braking system

Compound brake system brake discs 3 310x165 show your strength! Tug of war / tug of war by car

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