Unpack... connect... have fun: TUNE-it-YOURSELF from TurboPerformance

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TurboPerformance has been offering self-developed and individual chip tuning solutions for over 20 years - with TUNE it YOURSELF to the next level...

  1. The Map optimization for your own vehicle can be ordered directly from the TurboPerformance website and have it delivered to your home. With the included TUNE it YOURSELF The original engine software is read out quickly and easily via the OBD interface on the console.
  2. The original software is then uncomplicated via upload sent to the TurboPerformance programmers for processing.
  3. Here is the tuning software now individually programmed for the customer. Extra requests or hardware changes and tuning measures that have already been made are taken into account. The customer gets a real, tailor-made chip tuning and no ready-made and always the same 0815 off-the-shelf software.
  4. The TUNE it YOURSELF Tuning software comes back by mail and the customer can use it with his console simply and securely import it yourself.


Appointments, waiting times and the journey to the tuner are no longer necessary. A clear quick guide and the necessary accessories are included in the package.
The original software, like the tuning software, remains on the TUNE it YOURSELF  console saved, the customer can therefore switch between the original and tuning software at any time.


The TUNE it YOURSELF is an ingenious way to tune your vehicle with individual software and still retain full flexibility to switch back to the original software version easily and independently at any time!

For over 20 years TurboPerformance inspires its customers with unique software adaptations "Made in Bavaria". In the headquarters with in-house development center In addition to high-performance software for all vehicle manufacturers, hardware components are also developed for more performance in the entire drive train. On site at the head office, at national and international installation partners or in the online shop - TurboPerformance stands for quality and service at the highest level directly from the manufacturer!


Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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