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Insure tuned vehicles correctly - the most important aspects at a glance

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Tuning accident insurance EVB e1560414867983 Insuring tuned vehicles correctly The most important aspects at a glance

In general, insurance is compulsory in Germany for all motor vehicles that take part in road traffic. With tuned cars, however, the question of the right insurance cover often arises. Because not only does a classification into the conventional insurance categories prove to be problematic in most cases due to the technical extensions. But at the same time, the high intrinsic value of the vehicles exceeds the estimated coverage in many cases. In this respect, the insurance of tuned cars is usually a special case in which there are some important aspects to consider.

Optimal protection with fully comprehensive insurance - advantages and tariffs

Since tuned cars are usually comparative to production models great value In principle, it is worth considering taking out fully comprehensive insurance. This is because this offers extensive insurance cover, which, if necessary, also includes self-inflicted damage. In addition, fully comprehensive insurance provides significant financial relief in the event of major damage, which can otherwise quickly lead to enormous costs.

However, when taking out fully comprehensive insurance, it is always advisable to compare insurance with the different providers of vehicle insurance. Because the tariff range sometimes varies between EUR 300 and EUR 2.500. In general, it can be said that a vehicle with high performance also means higher premiums for motor insurance. However, especially for a tuned car, the final tariff depends on the individual assessment of the insurance provider. Interesting information on the cost structure of car insurance for tuned vehicles can also be found in this article in the specialist magazine CAR PICTURE.

Fully comprehensive insurance Tuning Accident Law Correctly insuring tuned vehicles The most important aspects at a glance

When taking out car insurance, the point of the annual mileagewhich in many cases has a direct impact on the cost of car insurance. Most insurance providers rate a higher mileage with a greater risk of accidents, which in turn increases the premium. Choosing a low mileage scale is therefore particularly recommended for drivers who cover a small number of kilometers each year. It is also important to pay attention to the mileage scale for a second car, as its annual mileage is categorically limited by many insurance providers. With a corresponding tariff comparison, the policies that offer a clear advantage, such as the Car insurance from Friday - Include billing that is accurate to the kilometer. Any new extensions made to your own vehicle should also always be coordinated with the motor insurance provider. Otherwise, this can lead to a general loss of insurance cover in the event of damage.

Why is discount protection worthwhile?

Experience has shown that drivers who remain accident-free for a longer period benefit from cheaper insurance contracts. The decisive factors for this are those specified by the insurance company No-claims classes (SF classes)in which every driver is automatically classified. Often underestimated, however, is the fact that a claim often leads to a long-term downgrade in the SF classes. An accident-related downgrade from SF class 20 to SF class 7 can quickly lead to additional costs of several thousand euros in the following years. For this reason, many motorists have to weigh up a claim whether they want to handle it through their insurance at all. With tuned cars in particular, however, this can be a similarly big financial disadvantage.

In order to effectively prevent such a situation, it is therefore worthwhile to have a Discount protection to claim something. This is an optional additional service that protects the driver from being downgraded in the event of damage. In this way, the corresponding insurance benefits can always be called up without any problems, from minor scratches to total losses. The cost of discount protection is usually 15 to 30 percent of the coverage. In order to determine favorable offers, it is therefore advisable to compare the popular portals for a car insurance check. It is also worth knowing that discount protection and fully comprehensive insurance can often be deducted as part of the annual vehicle taxes. Some advanced tips and hints on this topic can also be found in this short one Advice.

Discount protection Insurance Accident Crash Correctly insuring tuned vehicles The most important aspects at a glance

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