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Tuning, cultivation, conversion - our little tuning guide

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tuning guide Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Dear motorist, dear tuner, dear tuner! Individuality will be at Fahrzeugtuning capitalized. Whether technical or visual upgrade: The driver / owner decides on the criteria and adjusts the driving behavior or the performance accordingly. The tuning can do it independently or through specialized Expert companies be made. The framework with regard to the options for refining or optimizing the vehicle, however, is from the legislature pretend. The TÜV, the Dekra, the KüS and the GTÜ are test organizations that offer a wide range of specially trained Auditors and Assessment tools is available. Even before the tuning is carried out, the engineers support the driver / tuner with their expertise.

tuningblog - tuning guide

The following guide describes the main and most common aspects by Practice. After all, you should be tuning always secured be. So here's a post for more safety and Overview when tuning.

Tuning, cultivation, conversion - tuning guide

Jump marks tuning blog website Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guideWho only care for very specific points our advisor iIf you are interested, you can use the following jump labels to navigate directly to the desired topic with just one click. And just as quickly you can return to this overview from the selected menu item with just one click. However, we recommend our readers to always read through the entire article. Some menu items are only really comprehensible and understandable once the complete information article has been read.

Nothing is left to chance - rules and reports for tuning

In hardly any other area does the "See and be seen“Such a high level of relevance as in that Tuning scene. Often one makes use of a few Tricksto get the level you want Attention to achieve. Bikes- and Tire conversions are particularly popular. Not to be neglected, however, are either Spoiler, Exhaust and Chassis modifications. They shape the picture as well as one of the core pieces in the tuning area: The engine tuning. As promising as the look or the sound may be: Not everything is allowed!

1965 Shelby 427 Cobra Continuation Replica Paul Walker 5 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

The legislature has clearly stated what allowed is and what can not be . approval for the vehicle can get lost if the acceptance can not be by a Expert organization how the TÜV, the Dekra, the KüS or the GTÜ is carried out. As a result, a Update (Technical term: Change acceptance according to § 19 (3) StVZO) there Vehicle papers when Admissions office be performed. However, the decrease will only be successfully be when all prescribed Test certificates can be presented. It refers to Partial report or Part approvals1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Test report parts certificate individual acceptance tuning e1593775644855 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Partial approvals have priority

  • Permits according to special regulations
    Operating permits for vehicle parts (general operating permit ABE)
  • Approvals for the type of construction (approvals under EC law, e.g. EC type-approval) And General type approval (ABG)

Partial report inform about the A- or Extension of a Accessorywhether a vehicle is still in compliance with the regulations. Create the so-called "technical services" Teilegutachten (TGA). These are accredited by the KBA and are supplemented by specialized test laboratories and institutes. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

In summary:

  1. Is there on the vehicle effects from that Exhaust gas or Noise behavior in retrospect or is one Danger situation in the course of conversion to be expected, the operating permit on the tuned vehicle expires as well as if amendments when Vehicle type available.
  2. A problem-free process is possible if Partial permits and Test certificates are present that without restrictions or special notes on cultivation be available. In addition, no Acceptance of changes given be. In this case a Modification test or Supplement get on the Vehicle documents waived .
  3. The vehicle must always are then subjected to the examination of a monitoring organization if in the Partial permits a modification acceptance verlangte is. Thus the regulatory modification verifiziert .
  4. Are merely Teilegutachten available is one modification acceptance the durchzuführ.

In practice, all changes are made by the respective examiner written. Together with the Test certificates the vehicle owner must confirm the test with the Vehicle documents during an inspection keep ready. Subsequently, the certificate for the submission to change the Vehicle papers can be used at the admission office. These were them official requirements for the inclined tuner.

Good preparation is essential!

Not always the processes in reality have to be so complicated. Is a Tuning dealer conscientiously, the customer will be informed in the shop or in the course of the order whether the enclosed Test certificates Details can be found that may be a modification acceptance require. However, are the tuning projects of a larger nature, for example if a Beauty or strength treatment is in the house, they should special restrictions the test certificates precisely studiert will. Eventually it can lead to a negative mutual influence between the different Modification- and Change measures kommen. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Tuning R53 Mini Cooper S 2 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Example of negative mutual influence:

During the assembly of tire and wheels with greater width possibly still on a production vehicle without problems can be realized is that Freedom of movement of the Tire / wheel combination Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! given - especially if the bolide is parallel lowered becomes. There will be a veto on the part of the auditor and the approval for road traffic was yesterday. Whether at all and with which actions in the tuning area a mutual influence can take place shows the following table.

  • X = mutual influence is also possible
  • - = none mutual influence to be expected
Mutual influence with combinations of changes, tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide
Examples based on test guideline No. 2 for § 19 StVZO

Um make sure, should be in Apron an upcoming retrofit action the advice of a Experts be obtained. Be like that unnecessary Costs and stress verhindert. And you should too can not be vergessenthat some measures deny the Loss of the Guarantee commitment from vehicle manufacturers may result. So find out more advancewhether their insurance services in the field Tuning ever offers and what parts in this case automatically insured are. If this is not the case, the Comprehensive insurance to the appreciation be adjusted afterwards. Furthermore, there is a higher classification by Liability class possible. More information on this in our report "Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!" 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Lowering and chassis modifications

Many tuning fans want a constant sporty driving experience in the street. The driving comfort is usually not the essential indicator for tuning fans. At the Lowered there are sometimes special solutions to be observed; the legislature actually sets few limits here. But even professionals agree that lower does not mean better means. The optimal tuning between Dampers, suspension springs and axle geometry is the variant that the Chassis quality definitely not that optics. One cheap alternative in the form of simple Lowering springs or thread springs and Alternatives to Undercarriage conversion should always critical to be faced. The Series springs are going through here shorter and harder Copies replaced that mute but can stay the same. However, so-called "On-block situations". The damper is when Compression until Maximum in maxed out, the actual dampening effect is then Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! guaranteed. Criminal and of course inadmissible on the other hand, is the variant when there are simply a few on the standard springs Turns are removedto get the vehicle lower.

Tuning R53 Mini Cooper S 28 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Potential sources of danger are a much worse one steering behaviorwhen the Remaining spring travel is too small or a strong one Functional impairment a suspension dependent Brake force regulator. They are all related to Chassis interventions. Looking for not only deeper, but also secure Ride are coherent in themselves Complete packages by Quality brands to recommend. You will just be with Test certificates offered in stores. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide


  • driving behavior
  • optics
  • Road holding

  • little ground clearance
  • poor driving comfort
  • higher tire wear

Lower - but with certainty

Vehicles with modifications to the chassis not only come athletic therefore, they also take care of more safety in the traffic. The landing gear is on most essential für die Safety in traffic to call. If dangerous situations arise (evasive action), then the Combination shock absorbers and Spring to be perfect. This is the only way the vehicle can itself jerky evasive maneuvers be kept on the street. This puts the chassis ahead of ESP and traction control. At sports and deeper vehicles are the feathers harder and the damper on it customized. At least if the chassis comes from manufacturers such as KW, H&R & Co. Such cars are easier to control and the Suspension tuning leaves much less Rolling movements to. But the ideal is not insignificant interaction between landing gear and the Vehicle. A good chassis is of no use if the car doesn't fit.

shock absorber removal springs installation tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Lowering springs are often the beginning of a sporty look. If the driving behavior is to be dynamic, the original dampers still have to be used work properly. The vote must not soft his and the Spring action must be big enough at the same time stay. That can only be done with standard dampers difficult to unite. Complete chassis form the best solution. they were specially designed for the respective vehicle. If the manufacturer is reputable, dampers and springs are perfect on each other Voted. Such a landing gear has been modified in view of the Ride height and vehicle weight in the human body and facts about the Travel developed. For that alone is the graduation of many Test kilometers required on the road. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Coilovers as the best option

The whole know-how of the manufacturers is especially in the production of Coilovers required. Any Lowering In the area tested, the engineers are absolutely essential when designing the concept the berücksichtig. Such a strut module must be complete newly constructed and Voted will. So it is understandable that a good one coilover not cheap is. Saving would be the wrong advice at this point because it would put safety at risk. A write-off is always more expensive than investing in more Safety. Together with the higher security is also the case with the lowered vehicle optical improvement not to be ignored. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

KW variant 5 coilover kit Corvette C8 Stingray 4 tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Ground clearance must be guaranteed

Attention: Ex don't exist legal regulations about minimal ground clearance, but one eight centimeters high Barrier should not be for any vehicle a problem. And an examiner needs that Parts certificate for the new chassis components, this should upon delivery contain be. Lies no expert opinion, so can no registration be made. The operating license expires. An opinion on sufficient ground clearance is with one correctly set landing gear including test report nicht schwer zu bekommen. So when it comes to buying it applies always keep an eye on the quality. If the manufacturer is a specialist, he uses high-quality material and then the product is too for the one you want Vehicle optimizedso the purchase will end up with more safety and also more fun rewarded in the curve. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Alloy wheels with part approvals

Light alloy wheels can be used without any problems Part approvals be mounted unless they exist Requirements in the test documents. Use in the Wheel conversion always suitable Wheel nut and screws. Original screws for the spare wheel (if available) are also highly recommended at this point. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide


  • driving behavior
  • reduced braking distance
  • better steering behavior
  • better look
  • fewer unsprung masses

  • aquaplaning
  • Ruts
  • Steering forces
  • driving comfort

Sportiness and design? The quality is that in wichtigste Indicator!

If the light alloy wheels are of a particularly sporty nature, the desired eye-catcher is guaranteed. Cast wheels are on the rise again, but mainly the particularly high-quality ones Magnesium rims, carbon rims, forged rims or even Plastic rims are becoming more and more important and play a crucial role in customizing your own vehicle. While one-piece Light alloy rims are made from a piece of metal multi-part Rims off Rim star and Rim beds screwed together. The screw connection also enables the separate exchange of the components in the event of a damage. The paint layer on light alloy rims is usually silver or black and covered with clear varnish. But when it comes to design there is no limits, in practice have become more and more common for some years dark paintwork used. Often they are enhanced by polished front surfaces, but especially those used Technique and the Quality should higher quality Be nature. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

OEM rims Audi tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Tires and wheels

in case of an Damage are owners multi-part rims, as already mentioned, in Advantage. Depending on the severity of the damage, the repair can be carried out without the need for a completely new rim. Inner bed, Outside bed and Rim star can usually be exchanged individually. However, this is a matter of manufacturerwho for the Warranty responsible for.

Security-relevant information are an indicator of a Quality wheel: To avoid an expensive one Individual opinion should have a rim with a ABE be taken. The markings from the ABE are then somewhere on the Front of the rim to find. The abbreviation KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority) and one five-digit number must be recognizable there. There is also the requirement of a expert opinion. If it is a brand with quality, it usually stands Download offer ready on the homepage. This ensures that all security requirements for the Wheel-tire combination Is taken into account. Even with the rims relevant information on back be recorded. This is information about the Pouring date and for Manufacturer/Model (KBA number, rim size, offset1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

A well-rounded affair - conversion of wheels and tires

Nicht nur die optics, but also partly that driving behavior is going through wider tire and bigger rims improved. The effect should be of breadth but within limits hold. The driving stability can by means of wide tires improved will. You have a bigger one Footprint, the surface pressure is therefore small. As a result, when driving in a curve higher side forces be developed and the Braking distances get shorter. So the result is more security through tuning!

EC Certificate of Conformity EEC COC 8 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Anyone looking for alternative tire dimensions is, is in the Vehicle documents you can only find what you are looking for in newer vehicles in the CoC papers are defined. There are logically many in the tuning area Formats, which go beyond this listing. Regarding the Wide formats it would be an advantage if the Rolling circumference with the Standard tires largely matches. The rule here applies: The more precise the better! Otherwise, the deviations from speed needle to speedometer are too great and a complex and expensive one may be necessary Tacho adjustment be made. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Rolling circumference tire tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Low-profile tires are ideal for fans of large-diameter rims. The wide tires have a lower Flank height, so that steered more precisely can be. The reason is the lower Deformations by Side wall when turning. They are not as strong as with tires, where Standard cross-sections be used.

But also on appropriate Criticism should not be dispensed with , therefore it should not go unmentioned that the Risk of aquaplaning increases with wider tires. The wide rims as well as the changed one Offset also affect the gauge and thus have a direct effect on Driving stability, steering behavior and Straight ahead. Steering forces can be higher and from Steering or Drive influences be affected. Some rim types increase the Rutting Sensitivity and worsen at the same time the Brake cooling. And in the wheel house is less space due to the larger formats. Therefore should be enough Free space to chassis parts (at least 5 mm) and the body (at least 10 mm) maintain .

Ferrari 458 Spider LB Performance Edition Liberty Tuning 21 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

It is not uncommon for the fenders to be adjusted drawn outside or the edges after Interior knocked down become the rim of your dreams fits. In addition, such rims are only allowed to Adhesive weights can be mounted for balancing. The Snow chain assembly about is then mostly also not anymore actionable. Before it goes to the examiner, one more info: The overall width of the tire must be in the range of 30 degrees ahead and 50 degrees behind of the Wheel center full covered1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Wheel rim cleaner - a clean affair:

Unfortunately, rims are also available with one ongoing pollution faced. The effects of the Brake wear are partly massive. Mainly to the Front wheels are particularly severe in connection with road dirt deposits and stubborn gray-black Find toppings. The brake abrasion has a direct influence on the usually painted or polished surfaceif the pads over a long period of time not removed . Fine holes thus arise on the Surface and Metals settle down. Together with the inevitable Moisturizer it finally comes to Contact corrosion, the protection of the paint is no longer sufficient, the rims are damaged preprogrammed.

Rim cleaner application washing effect indicator 1 tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Autoshampooes or usual cleaning supplies are not suitable for removing extreme wheel dirt. Rather, they are necessary quality but acid-free wheel cleaner. The cleaner is allowed to do so no attack effect on all types of rims. Only then is the rims cleaned adequate Way guaranteed. There is more about cleaning the rims in our special article1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Achieve a high gloss through paint care!

The long-term damage to the paint is caused in particular by the different weather conditions. Already the UV radiation causes the paint to become dull and the shine to fade. Also Dust, wind or the Cleaning in washing facilities contributes to Matting of the Surfaces at. Clearly noticeable scratches are left behind. These are high quality polishes appropriate means against this creeping process. Gray haze and fine scratch can be done without any effort remove. Even the Deep gloss can come back this way. There is more about paint preparation in our special article1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Varnish sealing provides all-round protection

Insects, Rain, Bird droppings: The list of possible Environmental influences for the car paint is long. It is clear that the paint must be protected from these influences. The paint bleaches through solar radiation little by little - the optics will heavily devalued. sealing with a Wax layer is the most suitable means and the perfect protection against this type of attack. Incidentally, the need for a new protective layer depends on the Beading behavior of water on the paint. When the water forms small and round pearls, is the right level of protection still there. If the paint spreads over a large area, however, a renewal is essential. There is more about lacquer sealing in our special article1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Rim sealing Rim wax Tuning 4 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

More power through engine tuning

Essentially, the performance of an engine depends on it three factors from: capacity, Combustion chamber filling and number of revolutions. If you want to increase performance, you can use these three in particular Adjusting screws turn. Ideally, the measures consist of Interventions on all three Components. The Cylinder head machining improves about the Filling level or the Tax times are by means of Chiptuning changed. Light pistons and connecting rods reduce the moving masses and a subsequent one Turbocharging or a Conversion to compressor are the ultimate highlight.


  • better driving performance
  • less consumption at

  • higher consumption
  • less stability
  • possible loss of guarantee

Not to be without a mention cooling system, Clutch, Lubrication circuit, landing gear and brakes stay. The question of the right basis should be asked in this regard. Is the increased performance type-appropriate? Does the car stop? The mechanical Load increases of course with the increase in performance. Bearing damage or smoked through Cylinder head gaskets are not uncommon in this context. That too Noise- and exhaust emissions is through the engine tuning influenced. On the Notwendigkeit modification acceptance must be pointed out by the way. The correct papers are in the Specialist company but usually problem-free availableIn addition, there is often a guarantee instead of the conventional one warranty of the manufacturer occurs. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

What is chiptuning?

Engines of modern vehicles are used today computers controlled. The Engine control unit acts as a control center, every state becomes controlled and monitored. Ignition timing, Fuel quantity or Injection intervals can also be sent directly from Controller be managed. Chiptuning is the Optimization the factory-set records in the corresponding Storage- and Control module. Vote of the variables occurs again and due to the high effort involved in the Measuring and Test procedure improvements are achieved. In turbo engines, the characteristic springs for the boost pressure are digitally accessible, so it can be precisely coordinated with the Software a significant one performance increase be achieved.

BMW ALPINA B5 Biturbo Touring Chiptuning 7 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

20 to 40 Prozent Are growth no exception, there is even a single gain in performance even bigger. A good tuner makes sure that always taking everyone's attention Protective functions of the Motor Control Changes are made. If that worked, then they are Elasticity, the acceleration and the top speed usually improved. The gas mileage maybe even lowered, at least at identical driving style as before. Agility, liveliness and Kraft are after a chip tuning the new properties from Engine. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

The look is decisive - the rear and front spoiler

Not only optical added value comes from trendy spoilers on a tuned car. When cruising through the area there is also the practical use in the foreground. Air control devices have a direct impact on the aerodynamic drag coefficientespecially when it comes to the drag acts. When lowering the drag coefficient by Front and rear spoiler but is basically for one higher fuel consumption taken care of. But the speed can also do this increased will. And spoilers also affect that Driving stability out. You change that Lift coefficients cAV (Front axle) and cAH (Rear axle). Attention: If there is more contact pressure at the rear, the front axle is relieved. The reverse is also true, by the way. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Maserati Quattroporte GTS Bodykit Stage 2 Chiptuning 1 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Correct combination is crucial.

The improved aerodynamics comes at first higher speed really comes into its own. The pace on the country road can not be , but rather the ride on the Car Tracks or on the Racetrack. But spoilers and hedge aprons are allowed not just like that attached to the car. Just vehicle-compliant Models may be installed and the Regulations when Attachment adhered to will. The assembly must gewissenhaft are executed. And in advance should also inquiries be obtained whether and how exactly one Plastic spoiler needs to be painted so it can not be to a wrong one Surface coating is coming and a Material embrittlement can be prevented. Air control devices may not be at the expense of the Clearance in the wheel arch or to the exhaust system impact. And also the Brake ventilation must still guaranteed . Towing equipment have accessible stay and the shape and design of the spoiler no risk of injury go out. 1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide


  • aerodynamics
  • Output values
  • optics
  • Driving stability

  • Brake cooling
  • ground clearance
  • Consumption
  • Damage

Taillights and headlights

Audi digitalization light technology 176 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Many tuning fans want more light. However, this is in view of changes not harmless: The bulbs of the headlights are often used without permission colored or so-called Xenon effect caps pulled over. Such measures to reduce the light output ALWAYS To a great extent, the worsening of the signaling effect is drastic. But above all it is Eligibility no longer given. Just complete Exchange lights with Approvals ensure full functionality and are permitted. The offer is here, depending on the vehicle, very large and the hearts of tuning fans should beat faster. Exclusive design mixes with high-tech, for example when Tail light rings in LED technology come along or the new headlights integrated daytime running lights ( PS. We have a little guide on how to retrofit daytime running lights in our article "Retrofitting daytime running lights on the car" put together for you.) own. Complete red or black taillights (including reflectors, of course) generate their luminous colors by means of interposed color filters. Also Double headlight conversion sets with xenon are popular. It comes with checked Headlights from the accessories often really too an improvement the active one Safety1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide


  • easy installation
  • better look
  • better light output
  • more safety

  • expensive
  • not always available
  • LWR & Co. may be necessary
  • only a few with ABE

Exhaust systems and tailpipes

By the great Sound and the plus on Power produce Sports exhaust systems viel fascination. In fact, the Exhaust back pressure diminished and of the Gas exchange im Package improved. The new adrenaline when accelerating comes more from the acoustics, less of that driving dynamics. The improvement in performance lasts without further changes pretty much within limits. Still is a Sports exhaust an important part of the Overall picture. Changes can be made by improvements am Silencer system or installing a entire facility be made. A chrome-plated trim can already be legal start be just when it comes to that approval goes. Sometimes less is more, especially when parts of the exhaust system exchanged it will be more difficult. Than are ABE, parts certificate & Co. absolutely necessary. By the way: Stay away from Clearing out by silencers or tailpipes in own energy! Note the Fire safety and don't remove any Heat reflectors. Pay attention to compliance with the correct distance zu Electrical brake and Fuel lines1f519 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide


  • Sound
  • performance increase
  • optics
  • less exhaust back pressure

  • Noise pollution
  • Partial costs
    very high
  • rarely with ABE

exhaust muffler capristo Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Of course, that wasn't the end of it. Our tuning magazine has tens of thousands more tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around.

More style in the cabin with an LED seat emblem!

Illuminated seat badge Illuminated seat emblem Tuning 3 310x165 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Change air filter - all important information at a glance!

Changing the air filter Instructions 2 e1610174981894 310x165 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

Warning lights in the vehicle - correctly interpreting the problems!

Warning messages instrument cluster Auto ABS ESP Airbag 310x165 Tuning, cultivation, conversion our little tuning guide

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