Bestseller in tuning - the Audi TT and the TTrs

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Audi TTs KEAN suspension Airride Tuning 1 Bestseller when tuning the Audi TT and TTrs

As a kind of facelifting for the car, the vehicle tuning improves not only the driving characteristics, but also the dynamic look on the popular Audi TT and of course the top model the TT RS. For example, the front apron attachment from Audi Sport Performance Parts which even a normal TT missed the optics of the strong TT RS. No wonder that the Audi TT performance parts belong to the most popular Audi TT tuning parts. And also an increase in performance of the VW EA855 evo five-cylinder with factory 400 PS & 480 NM torque by means of chip tuning or a larger turbocharger is extremely popular. General changes to the design follow immediately, but they always have to be compatible with the legal requirements.

Audi TTs KEAN suspension Airride Tuning 5 Bestseller when tuning the Audi TT and TTrs

Therefore, we always recommend a visit to a specialist workshop for advice on tuning the Audi TT. A successful set-up increases the value of the car if all the internals can be documented in writing and if, when possible, recourse is made to Audi performance parts. The Audi Group is one of the world's largest refiners of vehicles with the optional RS-performance program. The Audi Audi dealerships offer the corresponding accessories for individualists and install them professionally on request.

Air intake & exhaust for acoustic listening pleasure

Audi TT 8J MB Design LV1 Tuning 9 1 Bestseller when tuning the Audi TT and the TTrs

For example, if you install a sports exhaust system on the Audi TT RS as an autotuning fan, you will experience the background noise as a kind of "open-air concert". With every throttle the special background noise of the five-cylinder (Of course, the VW EA888 four-cylinder) and the vehicle becomes an acoustic highlight. Individual TÜV suitable modifications to the Audi engine or the design or the suspension can of course be combined with each other, so that the fun of TT driving is improved. But even off the tuning parts directly from the manufacturer, there are always new ideas that can be used as inspiration. Tuners like Rieger, B&B automotive technology und natürlich ABT Sportsline are optimal points of contact for a high-quality tuning at the Audi TT 8N / 8J and of course the current generation FV, Good vehicle tuning on the Audi TT is not connected with senseless noise, on the contrary, the technology is improved so that the optimization of the ground state of the TT, the comfort for frequent travelers too with even larger wheels or a sports suspension can even improve.

Audi TT 8j Vossen rims VFS 1 tuning 2018 20 Bestseller when tuning the Audi TT and TTrs

Of course that had not happened yet!

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