Lowering the car: important tips for tuning the chassis!

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One thing is particularly appreciated in the tuning scene: That Lowered of your own vehicle. The car not only looks a lot sleeker, the air resistance at high speeds is also reduced and the car is even a little more powerful. But whether that's all correct, what alternatives the tuner has when it comes to chassis and whether there are various options if the tuning is not correct Fines (€) are due, we answer for you in this guide.

The suitability for everyday use usually disappears!

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What obstacles are there for a lowered vehicle? A Pothole on the road or other bumps can quickly become a trap for a lower-lying car. Not only to the cost trap due to damage to the vehicle, but also due to the increased risk of accidents. And are there also penalties for the owner/driver? That depends on the operating license and hence of admissibility of the modifications. In the best case, this can only lead to one Fines (€) or a warning, but in the most delicate case even to one Punkt or the Decommission from the vehicle. If you are not sure about the regulations for lowering your vehicle, you should definitely take a closer look at the relevant passage in the StVZO (Road Traffic Licensing Regulations).

Reasons for lowering!

This phenomenon is particularly well known from racing: The smaller the distance between the vehicle and the road surface, the sleeker it is in a tight curve and the faster it can be taken. But not only the actual driving performance is optimized, the tuner naturally also loves the sporty look. However, if you want a noticeable increase in performance, you should rely on one more extensive remodeling to prepare. And not all conversions make sense within the framework of the road traffic regulations, since it is not permitted to take tight bends at high speeds.

KW DDC suspension Audi RS3 003

speed limits are known to be everywhere on public roads and also necessary. And many traffic routes are not really intended for lowered vehicles either, as the vehicle is faced with a large number of bumps, bumps and potholes. If the vehicle actually touches down on the road, this not only leads to sometimes very serious damage to the car, but can also lead to an accident. For the sake of your own safety, that of others and of course also the car, the legal regulations should be respected.

How the chassis is lowered!

Many roads lead the tuner to Rome, and also closer to the asphalt. One thing is particularly important, and that is that Distance between tires and body is sufficient. Otherwise damage and even accidents are inevitable. The dimensions and distances that regulate the tuning of the vehicle can be found in the provisions of the StVZO (Road Traffic Licensing Regulations). Violations of this can be punished with points or fines. even one Prohibition of use may happen. Normally, the change to the chassis is done by a Shortening of the chassis springs and other shock absorbers reached. Possible are: Lowering springs install – a Thread- or sports suspension install – Smart Air suspension or Hydraulic chassis install – others Tires and Rims install!

ST XTA Plus 3 coilover suspension Audi RS3 S3 Tuning 1

The installation of lowering springs!

Suspension springs are fitted to each wheel suspension at the factory. These surround the shock absorbers and complement them by ensuring that the chassis is not too stiff on the respective axis. They dampen vibrations and thus protect the vehicle. The cornering is also compensated. The wheel suspensions have dampers that are relieved and supported by the fact that the chassis springs compress the chassis. The car parts market offers suspension springs in different versions lengths as well as degrees of hardness at. Logically, a softer spring offers more leeway for the car because it can be further compressed. This effect can, among other things, by progressive springs be reached. In principle, however, stiffer springs are more suitable. This can prevent a strong Bidenwelle pressing the underside of the car to the ground and the car touching down. A positive side effect is the protection of the dampers, since less force acts on them: the wear on the dampers decreases. As a rule of thumb, the softer the suspension, the higher the load on the dampers. However, if the springs are too hard, more forces will be transferred to the body. In the long run, this can also lead to damage!

White Ferrari F40 KW chassis BBS rims 40

Another factor in choosing the wheel spring is the Length. It determines the distance between the chassis and the axle of the car. Hence the actual name of the lowering spring. Shorter springs are also usually stiffer to reduce the vehicle's range of motion. This minimizes the risk of touching down on the road. The effort required to lower a car can often be kept relatively low. If you want to replace your standard suspension springs with lowering springs, you should only have this done in a workshop. All four tires have to be removed to expose the wheel suspension and shock absorbers. One illegal alternative to new springs the pressing/upsetting of the standard springs. The effect of the lowering is almost the same, which is why word has gotten around in the tuning scene. However, for this, on the one hand, heavy equipment is required and it is primary not permitted. Tip: Each replacement/option part should come with a General operating permit (ABE) or one Teilegutachten be delivered, from which the buyer can see whether the respective part is also approved for the respective car.

Lowering springs, not only advantages

To the best possible Performance/Effectiveness To achieve this, the individual components are optimally matched to each other by the respective vehicle manufacturers. If you as the holder decide to exchange such a component for a tuning part, so could(but does not have to) that have a negative effect on other components. This can be the case, for example, when replacing the springs, since the OEM components are already optimally adjusted to the dampers. And you should also keep in mind that not all shock absorbers can react correctly to the installation of the lowering springs and this leads to faster wear. This can also affect driving safety! In order to maintain optimal chassis stability, components such as the stabilizers, the Spring are available as assessories. shock absorbers necessary. If the overall optimization of the vehicle is changed by a new component, driving stability and, as a result, driving safety may suffer. For this reason, the entire chassis should be replaced with a sports chassis, i.e. dampers and springs. The damping is then optimally tuned and effective again.

The installation of a sports suspension!

Anyone who paid attention to the text above knows that the sports suspension also involves replacing the damper and not just the springs. The components of the vehicle are better coordinated, the longevity is increased and the driving characteristics are also better. If the car rests securely on the suspension, the damping can develop better. Coilovers are a modified form of the sports chassis, since the suspension and shock absorbers are also replaced here. The difference lies in the installation of the thread, which can be used to individually adjust the height of the vehicle. The development comes from racing. In order not to accidentally screw on driving safety, it is always advisable to ask a specialist for advice.

White Ferrari F40 KW chassis BBS rims 19

Tuning to the lowrider by lowering.

A Lowrider is a special eye-catcher, since the height can be adjusted individually for each tire. There are two options for this: install a pneumatic suspension, use hydraulic pumps! Of the various tuning options with regard to lowering, however, this is the most extensive and also the most expensive variant.

The installation of a pneumatic suspension!

This is also an exchange of the entire shock absorber system and not, as with the other lowering, just individual components. Using compressed air the intensity of the suspension increased or dampened, in order finally to influence the height of the entire chassis at the touch of a button. There is a compressor inside that produces the required compressed air. If you prefer to feed the compressed air into the system at a gas station, you can also do this if you have the appropriate device. The pneumatic suspension also works with typical shock absorption. A special configuration prevents the car from being lowered too low.

Hydropneumatic retrofit Advanced Comfort Tuning E1582453013462

Such a system is built into buses, for example. The system can provide easy boarding and alighting on the right side at the bus stop by releasing air on the axle side. Thus, the bus is tilted down on the undercarriage side and the "step" is reduced to make it easier to get into the vehicle interior. If you also want to have a pneumatic suspension installed, this is possible if you are willing to comply with the legal requirements. The installation process, like any modification to shock absorbers and/or suspension, is through a Partial report or ABE provided. Without a valid certificate, the insurance cover and the vehicle's operating permit are no longer valid, since the conversion is then illegal.

Lowered, thanks to hydraulic pumps!

The North American tuning scene in the 90s was dominated by the so-called jump cars embossed. The function has remained even today, namely to promote a show rather than passengers. If you live in Germany, you will have to do without it on public roads. Approval is unlikely. But how does such a hydraulic lowering actually work? It becomes the complete shock absorber system by hydraulic pumps replaced. Each wheel suspension gets an independent pump that acts on the others.

1961 Chevrolet Impala Tupac 2Pac Tuning Lowrider 11

Similar to braking systems, the pistons of the pumps run over a hydraulic signal transmission. The hydraulic pumps for lowering make it possible to lower or raise all four wheelbases in a targeted manner. Due to the imbalance, safe driving is no longer guaranteed, which is why the vehicles are more for show and can only be driven at low speeds.

Lowering the motorcycle: The main difference when tuning on single-track vehicles is that there is less clearance available. Otherwise, the shock absorber systems and chassis springs are also replaced here.

A permissible lowering!

The first priority is always going to the specialist, because there is nothing more important than being well informed. Furthermore, testing organizations are also available with advice and action. You should always refer to the enclosed when purchasing the preferred parts ABE and/or the equivalent Partial report watch. Do not forget to look for the approval for the car in the general operating permit for vehicle parts (ABE). If your own model is not included in the corresponding list, the component cannot be installed. If you dare to do it anyway, you risk losing your operating license. Tip: A separate expert opinion through an individual acceptance is not mandatory in every case.

How much does a lowering cost?

And what does a tuning fan have to pay for a lowering? Since each car model requires different parts, it is not that easy fixed prices to call.

  • Lowering springs: Four pieces, i.e. a complete set, can cost around €100 to €500 depending on the model and brand.
  • Threaded/sports suspensions: A set costs between €300 and €700.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic suspension: The price for this comprehensive expansion depends heavily on the vehicle, which is why a visit to a tuning workshop is necessary.
  • Installation costs: These are additional to the purchase and can vary greatly from workshop to workshop.

Lowering and catalog of fines

Features Strafe Points
Driving an illegal vehicle 25 Euros
... thereby affecting road safety 90 Euros 1
Driving without an operating license 50 Euros
... thereby affecting road safety 90 Euros 1
Police tuning meeting control
example Photo

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