The future of tuning in the era of electric cars!

Tesla Model S Convertible Tuner Ares Design Header The future of tuning in the era of electric cars!


Ever since the first vehicles with internal combustion engines hit the market, there have been enthusiasts who want to get more out of cars. The tuning of internal combustion engines has a long history. With the current shift towards electric vehicles, it seems that this era is now coming to an end. Will there be no more tuning in the age of electric vehicles?

To answer this question directly, electric vehicles can also be tuned. We only have to be prepared for a fundamental change in the search for benefits. At the Tuning of internal combustion engines primarily mechanical components such as pistons, cylinder heads, turbos, compressors and crankshafts are changed or replaced. All of these components no longer exist in electric vehicles.

Tesla Model S Convertible Tuner Ares Design 10 The future of tuning in the era of electric cars!

Modern electric vehicles are full of electronics. A quick glance into a Tesla, which is equipped with a huge screen, shows this. It can be used to access websites, watch movies, play some fun games ( for example) and also adapt the entire vehicle to the user requirements. Even a look under the bonnet suggests that I will fundamentally change the tuning of the future. The tuners of tomorrow will no longer be able to adjust the air-fuel mixture ratio precisely and change the pressure of the turbos. In the future, computer programmers will do more of the tuning.

The challenge of tuning electric vehicles!

One problem will be that electric and hybrid vehicles are complete black boxes. The manufacturers do not publish any information that the tuning enthusiasts can use to make changes to the programming. Apart from that, very special knowledge is required if the mechanical and physical properties of electric vehicles are to be changed. Basic knowledge of programming, overclocking, electrical engineering and computer programming must be available before anything can be changed on an electric vehicle. Previous knowledge of internal combustion engines will probably no longer be sufficient in the future.

The big difference between combustion vehicles and electric vehicles arises during development. Until now, the developers of conventional vehicles could develop all systems independently of one another. The suppliers developed their own systems for batteries, motors, cooling, chassis, transmissions and even electronics. In electric vehicles, all these components are developed as a complete package by a large team. This means that the systems can work much faster and in harmony with one another. The performance is maximized as much as possible.

E Auto Elektroauto E Vehicle The future of tuning in the era of electric cars!

But there is another problem, the potential for accidents. When working on electric vehicles, numerous safety measures must be taken into account to prevent accidents. Working on devices with high electrical voltages can easily lead to death. All of this means that changes to electric vehicles are not as easy to make as to internal combustion engines.

The future of tuning for electric vehicles will only become established in the next few years. It is likely that some standard components will be optimized and perhaps even the option of replacing entire motors will be offered, with which the performance of the electric vehicles can be improved. The extent to which the accessories industry will exploit the possibilities also depends on the cost-performance ratio that these parts will ultimately achieve. If you want to prepare for this, you should probably start getting into computer programming now.

Twisted Automotive Land Rover Defender Electric Drive 5 The future of tuning in the era of electric cars!

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