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Tuning for beginners - that's what counts

Ferrada CM2 rims Corvette C8 Stingray 2 Tuning for beginners - that's what matters


Improving and designing a vehicle according to their own wishes - this is the dream of many who are interested in tuning. But where do you start if you are a complete beginner in tuning? What has to be considered? And which cars are suitable for getting started with tuning?

What exactly is tuning?

Tuning basically means that you make changes to a vehicle. Cars as well as trucks or motorcycles can be tuned. With the help of tuning, attempts are made to increase the performance or to adapt the driving characteristics to different ideas. Tuning for Beginner However, it is mostly limited to the areas of design or acoustics, as tuning in itself is a complex matter that requires a lot of experience.

VW Golf VII GTI Osram Foil Tuning 23 Tuning for beginners - that's what counts

What kind of tuning suits me?

Before you start tuning, it must be clear which type of tuning you prefer and what is actually possible. That means that you have to think about what you can change in your car beforehand. These changes should of course not only be of an optical nature, but also have a benefit. Tuning is usually always accompanied by improvements in some way. For beginners, for example, it is suitable to install a small additional headlight or upgrade to sports pedals. These are relatively simple jobs with little effort, which is why they are so beginner-friendly.

Tuning - what is allowed?

When tuning, you can't just install any component in any vehicle. On the one hand, there must be compatibility between the component and the vehicle, and on the other hand, there is Regulationsto adhere to. One example is engine tuning. This type of tuning is very popular. It is a measure that improves the performance of the engine, for example with the help of a tuning chip. However, this type of tuning must be entered in the vehicle documents.

Underbody lighting allows tuning Tuning for beginners - that's what counts

Chassis tuning is also one of the most popular types of tuning. You adapt the suspension and shock absorbers to your own ideas. Lowering is very popular in the tuning scene. There are several ways in which you can lower a car. However, these changes must also be entered in the vehicle documents.

Tips for tuning beginners

Every beginning is difficult and, especially when it comes to tuning, it can quickly become a bit tricky. Because if the wrong parts are used or if they are not installed correctly, this can result in defects in the vehicle itself. Therefore you should take a lot of time when tuning - especially at the beginning. Speed ​​is of secondary importance, accuracy has priority.

In addition, tuning beginners should not immediately jump into practice. Of course, that's what you want to do: gradually upgrade the car with tuning parts and thus improve it. Nevertheless, it makes sense to first deal with the theory a lot. This is the only way to avoid avoidable errors right at the beginning. Alternatively, it also helps to look over the shoulder of someone who already has experience in tuning. However, this person should also be able to clear up any questions immediately so that you can learn as much as possible.

BILSTEIN EVO T1 coilover kit 6 Tuning for beginners - that's what counts

When tuning, it should always be clear: There is no room for experiments here, you have to follow clear rules and laws in order for it to work. Therefore, every step should be well thought out and, ideally, checked by a professional.

In addition, tuning parts can get really expensive - saving is the order of the day. If you want to be one of the professionals at some point, you should set aside some money with which you can buy fancy parts. Alternatively, of course, you also have the opportunity to learn how to play Eurojackpot.

Which car is best for tuning beginners?

You can't say in general which car is the best entry-level model for all those who are just starting out with tuning. This is because, above all, the approved individual parts play an essential role. In addition, it depends on what you want to change through the tuning. The VW Golf, however, has a lot that a good car needs for tuning. It enjoys an excellent reputation in the tuning scene and rightly so - with the VW Golf, beginners can try out a lot when it comes to tuning.

When it comes to lowering a vehicle, a 5-series BMW or an Audi A4 are also ideal. However, vehicles from Japanese manufacturers are also very popular in the tuning scene. Examples are the Mazda MX-5 and the Accord from Honda.

VW Golf VII GTI Osram Foil Tuning 22 Tuning for beginners - that's what counts

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