Special tuning methods! The ADAC warns of this!

Tuning is a passion and is seen by us as a way of life, that shouldn't be anything new! But it shouldn't be anything new that the safety of oneself and other road users is the top priority when tuning. Cars can known to be on in different ways be tuned. With one method, for example, the Power around up to 100 percent let increase. However, everyone should know that this is for the Motor and the whole Vehicle dangerous can be. That's exactly what the ADAC recently thought!

NOS fake dummies

There is a great deal in the wide worlds of the Internet Dangerous and partly too superfluous car Accessories on road. This also includes the so-called NOS dummy. This is a system that is on the sides of the fender or somewhere out of the hood Steam spurts out. This becomes a performance enhancing real Nitrous oxide injection purposefully faked. The great danger is that it causes others Road users frighten can. Therefore, you should definitely use this accessory waived mainly because the attachment of various Nitrous oxide dummies is banned in Germany anyway. Of the embarrassment Not to mention such a fake variant!

Seat pads with wooden balls

We also advise against certain car accessories, as these can also pose a risk to the occupants. A good example of this are Seating Boards reported wooden balls (so-called Wooden beads seat pads). If there is an accident, it can happen to the passenger slips under the belt and he can do it in the worst case injure life-threateningly. Therefore should only ever Seating Boards with the applicable Approvals (GS or CE) can be used.

Sleep alerts rarely work

Also so-called Sleep alarm are very dangerous. The drivers clamp this accessory behind the ear and so they should go through a acoustic signal be warned when the head is falling asleep tilts forward. But these systems do not always work not reliable. In addition, they only react when the head tilts forward. Usually, however, the dangerous one finds itself beforehand Microsleep instead of. It is therefore better to take a break or the Co-driver to continue driving.

Airbag covers

A Airbag cover should already triggered airbags repaired will. But the ADAC also warns against this. Because this repair should only ever be done by one expert who are familiar with it. The complete Airbag module renewed will. Because individual covers are replaced, it can happen that the air sacs are in a collision not as requested to open.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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