Prefer original condition? When does tuning actually look old?

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Tuning old past classic e1622719978610 Better original condition? When does tuning actually look old?

Have you ever wondered whether there is some kind of "Auto-tuning expiration date" gives? So basically a day - X - on which the modifications are visually simply unsuitable and if possible upgraded should be? Certainly this is a strange question, but every now and then it is legitimate, as we think. Because tuning is usually also a fad. While earlier on an Opel Manta or VW Golf GTI a widebody kit from MATTY or Rieger were state-of-the-art, this is no longer the case with current vehicles such as an Opel Insignia or a VW Golf 8. At least not with the stark design from back then. Of course there are always a few exceptions, but as it was back then, when almost every second vehicle was equipped with such a kit, it is definitely not anymore in the current time. And sometimes that's a good thing. Why? You will find out now!

When does tuning work old?

If you go back a few years and look, for example, at tuning conversions based on an Opel Astra F, Golf 3 and Co., then many vehicles are downright tinkered and unsightly. At that time, lay people in particular relied on tuning Scheinwerferblenden, Clear glass rear lights Lexus style and cheap headlights with lens optics. One of them was happy to join them two-tone paint and an Low budget aluminum wheelset from one of the large workshop chains. Such a modified vehicle was usually rounded off with a lowering by means of sports suspension, or by means of Lowering springs in combination with the original dampers.

Tailgate cleaning tuning Prefer the original condition? When does tuning actually look old?

If you took it to the extreme, there were still various Fake air inlets or the same clean tailgate Without wiper, license plate recess, manufacturer emblem or handle. In many cases, the vehicle looked successful at the time, individual and a track modern. In our opinion, however, the conversions many years later ensure that such a tuned vehicle sometimes looks older than an identical copy in the series status. For example, check out the Calibra from the following video. We are of the opinion that a beautiful 4 × 4 Turbo in series condition now looks more modern than this tuning conversion.

calibra 4x4 turbo e1622719851156 Better original condition? When does tuning actually look old?

If the manufacturer's emblem is missing, the car is extremely deep and at first seems somehow smaller, or the tuning parts are no longer as accurate as on the first day, then this has an impact on the optical impression. Of course, exceptions always confirm the rule here as well. We clearly exclude high-quality and subtle modifications from the past. Is a classic Gti from the 90s on a chic BBS wheelset from that time and is maybe a few millimeters deeper, then this tuning will certainly still look absolutely successful today. Unfortunately, this is only very rarely the case. On heavily modified vehicles with a lot Bling meets our observation - in our opinion - often too. Check out this one blue 3 golf at. Back then it was definitely an eye-catcher, but today? The series would certainly be “fresher”, wouldn't it? What do you think about it?

VW Golf Tuning old Do you prefer the original condition? When does tuning actually look old?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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