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Schick: Optical tuning with special finishes

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MDS tuning Ford Focus Airbrushing 2016 1 Schick: Optical tuning with special paint finishes

Optical tuning is a very nice way to beautify your own vehicle. Namely, the standard colors offered by the manufacturers seem to us to be monotonous. We see black, white, blue, red and at best yellow, rarely green cars on the street - that is relatively unimaginative. However, if you like a little more color joy and also patterns or pictures on the car, today has several options.

Optical tuning by paint

Tuning painting costs Schick: Optical tuning with special paint finishes

If you want to attract attention on the go, you can grab it quietly with optical tuning in the bag of tricks. There are basically two variants of the foil and varnish. With the latter, we want to deal more closely. Incidentally, the manufacturers have also recognized the trend towards more color joy and are responding to it at least with their concept cars. But tuning workshops achieve even more in terms of eye-catching appearance. The tuning scene has long been concerned with such options because they allow the vehicle to be staged with relatively little effort. Meanwhile, there are some special manufacturers even special paints for new cars.

Ferrari 458 Spider Kickboxer Riyadh Al Azzawi Chic: Optical tuning with special finishes

For example, the Ferrari 458 Spider, whose image went around the world, shows how the result could look like. The conspicuous speedster was sighted several times on the streets of London. He belongs to the kickboxer Riyadh Al-Azzawi, who is a well-deserving superstar making the 5.000 Euro expensive makeover (real gilding) could afford. Of course, an airbrush does not have to be that expensive. In any case, it should not look like a cheap sticker, but rather bombastic. The optical tuners also know for significantly lower prices how they can implement challenging ideas.

Tuning paint costs 2 Schick: Optical tuning with special finishes

Special paints for optical tuning: trend from the USA

In Germany, a driver would already stand out with a luxury body like the Ferrari, but in the US, this is nothing special in big cities. If you want to attract the attention there, you have to do something. An example is the Californian Newport Beach with its enormous density of super-rich. Here is a luxury dealership next to the other to find, expensive cars are therefore part of the everyday street scene. The owners therefore have their jewelry regularly optically tuned to stand out from the crowd of luxury can still. It is no longer just about a new, extraordinary paint, but always about changing trends.

Newport Beach Autos Tuning 2 Schick: Optical tuning with special paint finishes

In this regard, there are amazing developments. So is the good old again lately Flip-flop look It has come into vogue, but celebrates its renaissance not glossy as in the past, but in a dull, very cool finish. In principle, everything is allowed, what pleases: It can be bright colors in all conceivable combinations, a camouflage with neon, black and white zebra look or clear lacquered carbon with beautiful contrasts. The ingenuity of the optical tuning with special paints so no limits.

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