Tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belong together

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Sidney Industries 326 Power Wheels 4 Tuning and Sidney Hoffmann simply belong together

Sidney Hoffmann's car tuning career began at an early age. First on his own and later on motorcycles of friends, he gained his first experience with tuning. These first contacts led 2007 to founding their own workshop, the Five Star Performance GmbH, Together with his partner Jean Pierre Kraemer (from JP Performance) he already moderated his own documentary soap two years later. 2012 followed their own workshop on the docu-soap Sidney Industries, This was also his next step in the TV career, first at Sender Kabel Eins and then later at VOX and ProSieben. As its popularity grew, so too did new media such as its YouTube channel, which currently has 230.000 subscribers.

active is the YouTube Channel of Sidney Industries

Sidney Industries Liberty Walk Porsche 911 997 Turbo tuning tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belong together

Sidney Hoffmann has made a name for himself in the German tuning scene and participates in various projects in this field in many ways. At the beginning of 2018, he took a break in order to further develop his vision of the future and left the company in the company. In any case, Sidney Hoffmann represents an important part of the scene and remains active through his YouTube channel and in connection with his community. Videos about autotuning are uploaded at regular intervals. So if you are interested in furthering this exciting topic, you can find out more here.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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BMW M3 E30 Restomod Turbo Tuning Redux Lightweight 22 310x165 Tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belong together

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Gurney Flap spoiler edge tuningblog 310x165 Tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belongs together

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Tesla Model S fire burned out Shanghai 310x165 tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belongs together

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Bonnet Spoiler Tuning bonnet spoiler 4 310x165 Tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belong together

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BMW E36 M3 Forgestar M14 Tuning 21 1 e1549010912769 310x165 Tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belong together

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Roof Scoop Tuning 310x165 Tuning and Sidney Hoffmann just belong together

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