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The cinema in the car too: the TV tuner for the vehicle!

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DVB T2 TV tuner TV car digital The cinema in the car too: the TV tuner for the vehicle!

DVB T2 HD television is the new television standard and enables high-quality transmission of picture and sound elements. And with the right equipment, the DVB T2 television signals can also be decrypted on the go. Television is therefore also possible when traveling within Germany. DVB T2 modules for on the go are already in use for laptops and have been tried and tested. In the tuning area, cars are equipped with small screens. TFT screens or other screen variants can for example integrated in the headrests to allow entertainment for the passengers in the rear seats. There are also devices for hanging or variants that are attached in other ways. The aforementioned screens are often used to play digital video and music content. But are TV tuners also available for the car?

Retrofitting a TV tuner - what should you watch out for?

DVB T2 TV tuner TV car digital 2 e1577083057167 The cinema in the car too: the TV tuner for the vehicle!

TV tuners should be able to decode DVB T2 in Germany and require a specific decoding. Furthermore, so-called video compression methods are used, which are essential for television reception. The H.265 standard is used in Germany. Abroad uses older video compression or decoding methods, such as H.264. When buying a TV tuner (DVB T2) for retrofitting for the car, attention should be paid to the appropriate standards. The H.264 standard is of little use in Germany. H.265 has to be named for the respective TV tuner as a decoding or video compression process if you want to be fit for the future.

TV tuner (DVB T2) - what options are there?

DVB T2 TV tuner TV car digital 3 The cinema in the car too: the TV tuner for the vehicle!

If you want to retrofit a TV tuner in the car and want to receive DVB T2 on the go in Germany, you should pay attention to a TV suitable for the car. TFT devices that can be attached to the dashboard or integrated there are commercially available. Usually, however, not only the screen with integrated DVB T2 tuner (H.265) is necessary. A suitable antenna is required to be able to receive the signals on the way or while traveling within Germany without any problems. If the car antenna cannot be used, a retrofit kit including DVB T2 antenna can be purchased. The retrofit sets differ in construction and installation. There are sets in which a screen and an antenna can be purchased together with suitable cables and installed in the interior of the car.

Retrofitting a TV tuner - more options

There are individual DVB T2 receivers that can be operated via a 12 volt connection and are equipped with HDMI interfaces and other interfaces. These receivers require the purchase of an additional screen for the car. The receivers are equipped with active antennas, which can be included in the scope of delivery and which are strong enough to catch TV signals on the go. The retrofitting of such a system is of course suitable, in particular for the Camping / motor home, If you are not sure whether the technology is suitable for the vehicle, you can ask a specialist workshop.

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DVB T2 TV tuner TV car digital 4 The cinema in the car too: the TV tuner for the vehicle!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 The cinema in the car: The TV tuner for the vehicle!

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  1. Bonjour ma voiture BMW est équipée d origine d un téléviseur et tout marchait bien jusqu'au passage à la HD il ya 4 ans! Depuis plus de reception en France mais marche en Espagne car pas de réseau HD.existe t il un boîtier artisanal de boîtier qui transformerait le signal tv NON HD en HD? Ca BMW na rien fait dans ce sens?
    Thank you for your answers .

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