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What you should know about underbody washing!

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Unterbodenwaesche cleaning car wash What you should know about underbody washing!

Underbody washing For many, it is an important part of car care after the winter. But is it really useful or maybe the vehicle might even be able to do so to be damaged? Because often is from Starting problems after a thorough undercarriage wash. Some experts therefore warn that underbody cleaning can even damage elements such as the electrical system, the chassis and the engine. We will show you what underwear actually brings and what you should pay attention to when doing it.

Machine washings of the underbody can cause damage!

After washing the underbody, there may be problems with throttle response or when starting if water in the distributor is advised. With mechanical washing, water vapor is sprayed into all areas of the subfloor with constant pressure. This is not necessarily beneficial for electrical components and moving parts. In addition, it can happen that the dirt cannot be reached at all if, for example, it has settled in hard-to-reach corners of the sub-floor. And the water jet from the system is often not precise or strong enough to loosen the encrustations or de-icing salt residues that are sometimes present. As a result, the intended effect of the underbody wash turns into the opposite.

Car wash car wash facility What you should know about undercarriage washing!

Washing the underbody by hand is more suitable!

Of course, it makes sense to remove stones or road salt from the underbody of the vehicle after the winter. Otherwise the chlorides contained in the road salt could begin to increase corrode. But make the best use of it for this no machine cleaningbut do the cleanup with one steam cleaners by hand. Just set the beam on the middle one Strength. Now you can point it directly at the dirty or encrusted areas. Hold the steam jet should not on the electrics or various openings in the underbody. If you notice soiling in the sensitive area, you can alternatively instead of a water jet that Air of the high-pressure cleaner. To do this, you have to set the high-pressure cleaner to the lowest level.

always carry out a check immediately

During cleaning, the subfloor should always be examined for corrosion and damage. All damaged spots should directly to be repaired. In addition, cleaning is recommended should not on the way to vacation, for example, but always in your own garage. This means that you will receive quick help if problems arise.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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