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Safety in the field - the underrun protection when tuning

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Project UNICRON Ford Ranger Pickup Autobot 6 Road safety underbody protection while tuning

The underrun protection during vehicle tuning protects the car from the stresses from below, which it is exposed to when driving off-road. The measure is strongly recommended for sporty off-road drivers.

Project WOLVERINE Toyota FJC Autobot Tuning 4 Road safety underbody protection while tuning

How long does a car last?

Anyone who often drives on unpaved roads at work or for fun trips risks more or less serious damage. Every car can be hit hard by rocks, mud, tree roots or dust. After all, important components without a separate underrun protection are completely unprotected under the car. But there is a wide range of underbody protection systems suitable for all types and brands. The car can also be equipped with it as an SUV, an SUV, a van or an ATV. Tuning providers develop these covers in close coordination with the vehicle manufacturers. This guarantees optimum reliability and stability.

Bruiser Conversions 6x6 Jeep Wrangler Offroad Tuning JK 2017 10 Road safety underbody protection while tuning

Performance of underrun protection systems

These systems protect the engine, brake lines, oil sump, differential, steering linkage, tank, exhaust, gearbox and all other parts against the effects from below and thus against all damage. Even in normal road conditions, they keep water, mud and road salt off, which minimizes corrosion. Furthermore, they prevent the unwanted manipulation of the alarm system. The important properties of the subfloor, such as ground clearance and thermal properties, are almost completely retained. There are other positive effects of an underrun protection system. It dampens the driving noise and can often significantly improve the aerodynamics, which leads to savings in fuel consumption. In addition, the repair costs fall after an accident in normal road traffic. The underrun protection system makes the body more stable.

The optimal underrun protection system from the tuning workshop

There are standard built underbody protection covers manufacturer. However, these are usually made of plastic. Thus they do not withstand larger loads. If they are then replaced, the original spare parts are often very expensive. It makes sense to install in the tuning workshop in such a case, the more stable and thereby usually cheaper underrun protection. It is made of strong metal covers that protect the car effectively against the attacks from below. The materials used are aluminum, stainless steel or black-coated steel (Coating against electrostatic charge) in question. The systems consist of individual components and are individually adapted to each vehicle. The assembly is very simple, modifications to the body are not required. There is a screwing the resistant metal covers to the factory provided for attachment points. Milling or drilling is superfluous, even a HU acceptance is eliminated. The underbody protection systems contain service cutouts or flaps. This makes service possible without dismantling the system.

Underride guarding safety in the area of ​​underrun protection when tuning

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