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Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

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Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

The unsprung mass acts directly and unsprung on the road. Most of the time, the crowd is not dealt with in more detail because it works in secret. However, more importance should be attached to the masses if new rims, tires or a more efficient braking system are required for the vehicle.

How unsprung masses work!

In contrast to sprung mass, to which the body of the vehicle belongs, in which hardly any effects of the road surface can be felt, follows the unsprung mass all bumps in the road. The unsprung masses on the vehicle include the tires, rims, brake systems, springs, stabilizers, some axle shafts, wheel bearings, some shock absorbers and, if rigid axles are installed, the axle links are also included. Basically it can be said the lower the unsprung mass of the vehicle, the better driving characteristics owns the vehicle. This is because with a smaller unsprung mass, the undesired wheel load fluctuations and the acceleration of the body also affect the driving performance be reduced.

Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

If the unsprung mass is increased without the sprung mass being increased accordingly, a less favorable mass ratio is to be expected. For example, in the sports car sector, the ratio should be intentionally be kept low. For this reason, lightweight rims in particular are used in this area aluminum alloy or Magnesium and light brake systems installed. As a rule of thumb, you can remember the following calculation: In terms of driving behavior, 1 kilogram of unsprung mass corresponds to approximately 7 kilograms of sprung mass.

the vote makes the difference

Who the driving / braking performance optimally want to adjust must take care of the parts of the unsprung mass as accurately as possible to match the vehicle concept. If, for example, lighter sports rims are to be used, these compensate for the higher weight of the larger braking system. This is the ratio between the sprung and unsprung mass only minimally changed. But if you also replace the brake system including brake discs with more effective and lighter products, this has a positive effect on the mass ratio between unsprung and sprung mass. This in turn has an impact on improved driving behavior.

Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

Since rims and tires are almost the most weighty components in the unsprung mass, changes to these parts can high modes of action can be reached on the vehicle. Used with these components Weight reduced, has this immediate effects and immediately improves the measurable mass ratio. The rim strength is the result use of materials and production method and not weight-dependent. It looks similar with tires. When buying these components, the main focus is always on the rubber compound should lie. But also with regard to the Mass ratio lighter tires positive .

PS: The tires installed can also vary in weight. We have a small overview in our post "That's what tires actually weigh“Set up to show the differences.

Optimally reduce unsprung mass

According to the latest experience, this is best Lightweight brake discs to optimize the relationship between sprung and unsprung mass. Easy Compound brake discs are installed in sports cars of various brands such as BMW, AUDI or Mercedes. In contrast to conventional brake discs, these are significantly lighter and resist thermal loads insensitive. Its components are a gray cast iron friction ring that is connected to the brake disc chamber. This separation of cup and friction surface allows the brake disc to expand, without that this is deformed by thermal stresses. As a beneficial side effect, this separation also causes a Weight savings.

Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

Basically, these compound brake discs are largely resistant to thermal loads insensitive. However, there are still a few things to consider. Even if the lightweight brake discs may be a lot more powerful than conventional brake discs, they are not entirely harmless. In particular, they are Sheet steel pots dangerous, as these tend to deform and are more sensitive to impact. Yet reduce the unsprung mass and thereby optimize the mass ratio. However, they are due to their tendency to deform not perfect to use and for this reason not so popular with fitters.

But since the manufacturers have recognized the difficulties of their lightweight construction products, they are always trying to improve them. This succeeds in particular through two-part, bolted brake discs (floating or fixed), as these are easy and cheap to manufacture. also improve the relationship between the sprung and unsprung mass, which the series use in some sports models and high-performance road vehicles of various brands shows.

Conclusion: unsprung mass on the vehicle!

When it comes to optimizing the relationship between sprung and unsprung mass, a certain sense of proportion is necessary, as a number of issues have to be taken into account. Even if the unsprung mass kept as low as possible would like to be, should nevertheless not rely on fragile solutions. Even the lightest brake disc is not necessarily the best for the vehicle. The components still have to be powerful and themselves the overall concept of the vehicle. From practice, the tip can be passed on in particular ventilated, two-part, bolted brake discs have proven themselves. These are usually available in a perforated or slotted design and are therefore effective and the right choice for almost every vehicle.

Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

Of course, every driver would still like to try to reduce the unsprung mass of his vehicle, as this reduction directly improves driving comfort and performance. However, with this desire for a perfect mass ratio, the long one should always be Storage the braking system as well as the Rentabilität and Serviceability get noticed. Only those who look at their vehicle as a whole will end up the best concept .

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Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

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Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

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Mode of operation / tips - unsprung masses on the vehicle

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