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Use the GHG quota and earn money with the e-car!

GHG premium

Electric car owners enjoy several advantages compared to internal combustion engine cars. The vehicles make little noise while driving and are taxed more favorably. Above all, however, e-vehicles emit far fewer greenhouse gases (GHG) than comparable means of transport with diesel or petrol engines. Since the beginning of last year, owners of electric vehicles have been able to earn several hundred euros if they sell the CO₂ savings associated with the electric drive in the form of a GHG quota. What's it all about?

The GHG quota and its background

Many countries, including Germany, have agreed at various climate conferences to significantly reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030. Therefore, the federal government introduced the GHG quota. It serves as an instrument to make the transport sector, which is responsible for around 20 percent of national emissions, more climate-friendly. The aim of the measures is to gradually make the new types of drive cheaper and make the traditional engines more expensive.

GHG quota electromobility Co2 greenhouse gas reduction quota

The GHG quota dictates to oil companies how many emissions they have to save each year. In 2022 the rate was 7 percent. This year 8 percent must be reached. The rate will gradually increase until 2030 and will then be 25 percent. Companies that do not meet the strict requirements have the option of producing lower-emission fuels, promoting the sale of biofuels or having the electricity consumed by electric vehicles offset against so-called emission certificates. The sale of the GHG quota is regulated by special GHG providers. In order to find the best service provider, consumers should therefore choose several providers Compare GHG quota.

Who can apply for the GHG quota?

The quota can be claimed by all owners of commercial electric vehicles (BEV). Both private and business vehicles are integrated. Next to Cars come buses, trucks, motorcycles and scooters can benefit from the award, provided they are registered and powered exclusively by electricity. Vehicles with hybrid engines are not eligible to apply. When paying out the GHG quota, it is irrelevant whether the vehicle was purchased, financed or leased. The bonus is given to the person who is listed as the owner in the vehicle registration document.

Don't let the GHG quota lapse

There is no obligation to participate in quota trading. However, if you waive several hundred euros a year, you will be waived. The government auctions off quotas that are not used and adds the proceeds to the federal budget.

How to benefit from the GHG Quota?

In view of the millions of vehicles with electric drives, it is organizationally unmanageable that each individual owner contacts the corporations directly to negotiate their quota. Intermediaries therefore step in when selling GHG certificates. These collect the applications of many legitimate consumers and sell them on to those companies that are obliged to make quotas. This process usually works in detail as follows:

  • Find GHG Vendors: These are either automobile clubs such as the ADAC, established electricity providers or companies that have specialized in trading in certificates
  • Transmission of the vehicle registration document: A photo of the vehicle registration document and a valid identification document must be uploaded to the provider's website.
  • Forwarding to the Federal Environment Agency: The provider collects the documents and sends them in bundles to the responsible office. If all requirements are met, the authority issues a certificate and sends it back to the service provider.
  • Payment of the bonus: As soon as the provider is in possession of the certificates, he resells them to the companies concerned. Once the payment has been received, the service provider forwards the corresponding amount of money to the owners of the e-vehicles, less a previously agreed percentage.

What is the current GHG quota?

The market value of the GHG quota can fluctuate. In addition, it is up to the GHG provider to individually structure their expense allowance. A premium of around 300 euros can currently be expected.

Does the GHG quota have to be applied for annually?

The application for a payment of the GHG premium should be made annually. This is an advantage as the rate is variable and increases every year.

Does the GHG quota have to be taxed?

The revenue generated via the GHG quota is not taxable provided that E vehicle is used exclusively for private purposes. In the case of commercial use, the vehicle is included in the business assets and is subject to income tax.

GHG quota Greenhouse gas reduction quota

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