Tuesday 11th May 2021

Our tip: Save money with used car parts now

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Autoparts24 Tuning used car parts Our advice: Save money with used car parts now

Anzeige tuningblog.eu Our tip: Save money with used car parts now

As an enthusiastic tuner, you always have the need to equip your car with new components. The problem is that new original parts are usually quite expensive. Given this, it is quite helpful that there are online stores like Autoparts24 there, in which one used Car spare parts can purchase at a fraction of the original price. Almost three million products for the most frequently registered vehicles are offered there. The range extends from windshield wipers and headlights to parts for the body and complete engines.

with search using the KBA number

The search for the right part is very simple and can be done in different ways. You can either enter the brand and type of your car in the search mask and then get all categories in which there are parts to buy. It’s even easier if you have the KBA number enters. This is clearly assigned to the car and recorded in the vehicle registration document. The database uses the number to determine what type of vehicle it is and then lists the available parts. A filter function makes it possible to restrict factors such as the price and the age of the products that are displayed. Once you have found the right parts, you add them to the shopping cart and pay them at the checkout. You can do that either Credit card or by PayPal to do. Once this is done, the ordered goods will be delivered by post free of charge. If they are not the right ones, you can easily send them back. This does not involve any own costs and of course you get your money back.

Autoparts24 Tuning used car parts2 Our tip: Save money with used car parts now

in an emergency, prefer to run the expert

It works as expected from a reliable dealer of used auto parts Autoparts24 with a network of certified car recyclers. They check the parts in detail before they are put up for sale. If, contrary to expectations, problems arise, the customer has a two-year right to lodge a complaint. However, this does not include improper installation of the part, for which the dealer is of course not responsible. Therefore, you should understand something about the functions of your car when you install a new part. If this is not the case, then you should rather let an expert work. Electronic parts in particular are a challenge for laymen, which is why the use of a mechanic is definitely worthwhile. If errors occur during installation, you risk not only permanent damage to the car, but even your health. Don't forget: it's no shame for a tuner to ask for help when you need it.

Autoparts24 Tuning used car parts3 Our tip: Save money with used car parts now

Of course that had not happened yet!

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    Thanks for the hint. I was not aware that you can save money with used car parts. I find it very practical that you can find the right parts with the KBA number. I'll have a look!

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