Used car prices keep going up and up...

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Recently, used cars are becoming more and more expensive. There are various reasons for this long delivery times for new cars, bottlenecks in chips or additional purchases due to the corona crisis. This was recently reported by the vehicle exchange, that the average purchase price year-on-year by almost has increased by 19%. While it was EUR 2022 in August 32.277, it was only EUR 27.176 in the same month of last year. This is the highest price ever for a used car since the statistics were introduced in 2009. And the high price level runs through all vehicle segments. Vans were up 18,7 percent (27.011 euros) and the luxury class by 10,1 percent (78.624 euros) compared to last year expensive. Small cars even rose by 18,8 percent and utilities recorded the highest price increase at 20,2 percent. The latter are the shortest at retailers with an average of 69,6 days. The market for small cars saw the largest decline, with a 22,7 percent drop in listings year-on-year. Autoscout24 also provided similar data for August. Here, too, prices reached an all-time high. But here the average price for a used car was slightly lower at 27.559 euros.

Supply of used stagnated

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Stands up to the rising prices stagnant supply to used ones. The number of cars offered at rose by 0,6 percent year-on-year. However, the idle days were declining for all vehicle classes. In August they fell by an average of 12,7 percent compared to last year. The transfer of ownership by the Federal Motor Transport Authority also showed the trend. In August, 672.995 motor vehicles changed owners. That was 8,0 percent fewer than the year before. 579.443 changes of owner for passenger cars also result in one minus of 8,0 percent. The trade in used vehicles in August was roughly at the level of the previous year.

Most vehicles rose in the favor of motorists!

A used car was sold in August for an average of 27.559 euros. That is 4.363 euros or about 16 percent Learn more than a year ago. Compared to the previous month, prices fell by 0,7 percent up. Especially the prices of Electric Cars increased. For a used e-car you had to pay an average of 3,8 percent more. The average price increased from 36.903 euros in January to 49.540 euros in August.

  • Hybrid powered vehicles on the other hand, only increased in price by a moderate 0,6 percent. The average price here is 42.167 euros.
  • gasoline increased noticeably by 1,2 percent compared to July to an average price of 24.941 euros.
  • only at diesel vehicles there was little change in average prices. They basically remained stable at EUR 29.697 (+0,1%).

If you look at the vehicle segments, then the prices for increased small car by one percent to 14.313 euros. There was about the same increase, exactly 1,2 percent expensive sports car. The average price here is 62.375 euros. However, this also has the advantage that the Selling cars to dealers a better price can be obtained. Young and oldtimers Incidentally, they lost value in August. For the former, the average price fell to 8.264 euros, which is a minus of 0,9 percent. The classic cars even had to accept a drop of 1,9 percent to 29.750 euros.

The winners are ten to twenty year old cars. Here, the average price rose by 1,4 percent to 9.283 euros. Also at Jahreswagen the price increased by one percent to 40.260 euros on average. When and if the high prices due to the stagnant and sometimes declining offers again sinken, that has to be shown. In any case, we do not see any improvement for 2023.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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