Taking the used car to the workshop: "Is it still worth it for my car?"

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Figures from traffic experts say for the year 2020: around 7 million used cars found a new owner that year. On average, motorists keep their wheels for 10 years. This makes it clear: anyone who has bought a new car drives it around 5 years longer than many years ago. There are many reasons to sell the old vehicle. This also includes an upcoming repair, where you have to ask yourself the question: is it still worth it? We at Autoankauf-live in Hamburg can help you with the answer.

Repair costs due to wear and tear

The older the car, the closer a workshop visit is. This is often due to wear and tear, so that parts have to be replaced. Of course, your own driving mistakes can also be responsible for the fact that the vehicle needs repairs. A wall is quickly stripped, a post rammed. In order to decide whether a repair is still worthwhile, the following rule of thumb should apply: If the workshop costs are more than half of the vehicle's value, the seller should think about whether this still makes sense. Because: A repair only has a minor impact if you decide months later to sell the car.

Our all-round service

So what to do if you want to exchange your old vehicle for a new one? You can place an ad in the well-known Internet portals or ask the dealer. In any case, you as the seller have a lot of work to do, and that always costs time and sometimes a lot of nerves. Once the ad is online, there will certainly be inquiries that need to be answered. Interested parties make viewing appointments, then cancel at the last moment or don't come at all. You don't have this problem with the dealer, because he will display your old car and let you know if it should be sold. With Autoankauf-live, i.e. with us, you save time and hassle and instead take advantage of our all-round service. And it's completely free for the seller.

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Professional appraisal

They sat over the side https://autoankauf-live.de/hamburg/ in touch with us. There, interested parties who want to sell their car will find a very clear form that needs to be filled with some data. Of course we need the car brand, the model, the number of kilometers driven, the year of manufacture. If you can tell us about repairs that have been carried out or those that still need to be done, this is definitely an advantage for us. This allows us to better assess the value of your vehicle without having seen it.

What accessories does your car have?

Information about accessories is helpful: Do you have winter or summer tires? Are there luggage racks for bicycles, surfboards or other things that are important for trips or vacations? Does your car have a trailer hitch and maybe even a trailer for a boat or horse trailer? Tell us everything - and then we will make an appointment on site. We at Autoankauf-live in Hamburg will come to you and, if you wish, meet at the location of your vehicle. Give us around half an hour so that we can inspect and evaluate the car on site.

We will then tell you the price that we would like to pay. If the car needs repairs or is no longer road legal: we will take care of it and will be happy to take your old one with us immediately. Payment: on site in cash or by bank transfer if you prefer. If we do not come to a purchase agreement with you, we will part ways, but the seller will not incur any costs. If you sell to us, we will also be happy to take care of all the work at the road traffic office in Hamburg. It is also free of charge for you as a seller.

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