5 useful gadgets for the car

5 useful gadgets for the car
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For many of us, a car is more than just a vehicle. Especially when we have to spend a lot of time on the road every day or regularly take long trips. The time in the car should be as relaxed as possible for the driver and all passengers should not have to be bored even on a very long drive. A few cool gadgets are right here. Most new cars are usually already well equipped. But many extras can be individually retrofitted with various gadgets if required. With these 5 useful tools autotuning is easier than you think.

1. Dash cam

  • Road traffic is always active and many things happen at the same time. Whether in the middle of the city or on a lonely country road, sometimes you can't trust your own concentration and your eyes one hundred percent. With a dash cam, you have additional evidence for almost anything you can't explain. This tool is primarily useful if you are involved in an accident yourself or have something to contribute as a witness for others.

FITCAMX dashcam experiences test report 3 2 E1659936690369

Fun Fact: Many recordings end up under funny videos on the web. If you're lucky, your dash cam will record a storm or even a UFO.

2. Vacuum cleaner

  • If your own car becomes your second home, it should also be kept in order. Dust settles quickly in the interior, and dark surfaces in particular make it clearly visible. If you have a dog as a passenger, for example, you have to constantly fight with fine animal hair. A small car vacuum will solve this problem. So that you don't have to search long for a gas station with a suction station, there are now many handheld vacuum cleaners on the market. With your own vacuum cleaner, the vehicle always stays in order. Look around in Norma prospectus for a good deal or ask your car dealer for a tip.

handheld vacuum cleaner car

3. Auto voltage converter

  • The longer the journey, the more entertainment options the passengers require, especially when it comes to small children acts. Unfortunately, our smartphones and laptops can't keep their battery life forever and often don't last long distances. A power source is therefore required for charging. This is with one DC converter easily done. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and, depending on the model, you can even charge several devices or even operate a coffee maker.

Inverter 12V230V 1000W car

4. Electronic logbook

  • Anyone who has to drive a long distance to and from work every day will definitely love this gadget. An electronic logbook works like a conventional logbook and documents every trip of the car, including mileage, time and fuel consumption. But that's not the best. It can even turn the collected data into an easy-to-read report that you can use to submit to employers or for tax returns. Regardless of this, such an overview is also helpful for you personally.

Digital logbook E1663750293150

5. Air mattress for the back seat

  • Real globetrotters like to walk traveling by car and cover long distances. And if the destination is several hundred kilometers away, then not only short breaks are necessary, but sometimes also Overnight stays. But what to do if you are in a place where there is no hotel in sight? Then you can also set yourself up in the car. An inflatable air mattress will help you and transform the back seat into a soft bed in just a few minutes.

These were some ideas that you can use to easily upgrade your vehicle. Light, fast and with really little effort, car journeys can be made more pleasant with it.

Car Airbed Travel Cot Car Tuning 5

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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