What does an appraisal in the automotive and tuning sector bring?

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Appraisal report tuning oldtimer vehicle appraisal What does an appraisal report in the car and tuning area bring?

To prepare an appraisal report, an independent expert checks all relevant components of a car and their contribution to its value. In principle, the report is one Vehicle test report similar, only that in the end a very specific vehicle value is mentioned here. In this way, the inspector determines the value of the vehicle at a specific point in time. Having an appraisal prepared is a worthwhile investment in some areas. After tuning the vehicle in particular, it is advisable to have the current vehicle value documented. A value report also serves as protection and preservation of evidence in the event of damage to the insurance company. Independent experts can be hired through various testing organizations to document the value of a vehicle.

When is an appraisal required?

Sales contract sell a car Document Document What does an appraisal in the automotive and tuning sector bring?

An appraisal is often the end of a comprehensive vehicle assessment and is useful in various situations. The documentation of the vehicle value at a certain point in time serves as a safeguard that can be shown later. When buying or selling, the expert opinion serves as additional security for the buyer and seller. Such an opinion is a sign of a reputable supplier, especially for classic cars and used car dealers. However, with the classic one should also make sure that a special one Classic car valuation report was created and not a conventional appraisal. The reports for classic cars are taken over by specially trained examiners who are sometimes limited to a specific brand. In addition, the expert opinions for determining the insurance tariff and for determining the residual value of a vehicle are occasionally required. In the tuning area, vehicle reports are an important insurance if you have put a lot of capital into your darling. After major tuning measures, it is advisable to prepare an appraisal report. Yes, attention! Such an appraisal only serves to determine the value and not to determine whether all tuning measures comply with the legal requirements.

also as the basis for the insurance tariff

Money capital investment promotion What does an appraisal in the automotive and tuning sector bring?

Tuning often gives the vehicle concerned added value, which the independent expert documents and records. The report also serves as the basis for the insurance tariff and is a practical safeguard, especially in the event of damage, if you want to have your modifications replaced one day. Because in the event of an accident, the car insurance experts often do not take the value of the tuning parts into account and therefore set the value of the vehicle lower. As a rule, you only get the normal market value. With an expert report after the tuning, the value of the vehicle can be precisely documented and presented to the insurance company. However, the increase in value can also result in a higher insurance tariff.

What is checked in an appraisal?

Sand TAN R1 Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan Performante LP610 4 5 What is the value of an appraisal in the automotive and tuning sector?

The independent experts for a vehicle report are trained and qualified engineers who check all important components of the vehicle. The car is not taken apart, but assessed from the outside. During his work, the expert checks the interior and the engine compartment of the vehicle. The underbody and the chassis also influence the assessment of the vehicle. Decisive criteria include the brand, the vehicle model and its history. In order to ensure the most accurate valuation possible, the expert usually checks the vehicle in these areas:

  • the important data from the first registration to the mileage
  • the standard and special equipment of the vehicle
  • Wear points that indicate upcoming repairs
  • missing vehicle parts and previous damage
  • Value-adding factors such as AT aggregates, rims, leather interior, sound system, paintwork, etc.

This work process is carefully documented and often supplemented by a test drive. The exact scope of a vehicle report depends on the vehicle and the test organization commissioned. At the end, an appraisal report is prepared that records the exact value of the vehicle at this point in time. If a valuation report is to be drawn up for a heavily modified vehicle, proof of purchase for the installed components or a breakdown of the work performed are definitely relevant and must be submitted if available. For classic cars, such an appraisal includes a rating of one to five. The one stands for perfect quality while classic cars with a rating of five have a need for restoration. A similar rating is also often used if it is not a classic car.

Appraisal report tuning oldtimer vehicle appraisal 3 What does an appraisal report in the automotive and tuning sector bring?
Деньги за автокредит

summarizing the most important information:

  • Valuation reports can be relevant for the purchase or sale of a vehicle that is already in use
  • the vehicle rating often specifies what prices can be achieved for a used car or classic car
  • In connection with leasing, the appraisal is often necessary to determine the residual value and a possible additional payment
  • Expert checks value-related factors such as:
    - basic vehicle data (initial registration, mileage, design, model)
    - Standard equipment and special equipment
    - Factors that can add value (expensive repairs, replacement gearbox, replacement engine)
    - pending repairs (inspections, scratches & dents, wear and tear)
    - missing vehicle parts
    - Previous damage due to an accident etc.
    - Examination of the interior, engine and trunk
    - Assessment of the sub-floor
    - Assessment of the chassis
    - many steps are documented with pictures
  • In the valuation report we do not disassemble the vehicle, but analyze it with the naked eye and simple aids
  • Vehicle appraisals can cause three-digit costs (depending on how extensive the documentation is)
    - The Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) Rheinland currently calculates 10 euros in a branch and 50.000 euros at the customer's site for a series car that is no more than 125 years old and up to a new value of 150 euros
  •  PS: These optimizations can be carried out on the classic car without endangering the H license plate.  (There is a lot of information on the subject of H license plates in our special)

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Appraisal report tuning oldtimer vehicle appraisal 2 What does an appraisal report in the automotive and tuning sector bring?

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