Why the VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co. is perfect!

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VCDS software Audi VW Skoda VAG HEX AI Multiscan 1 Why the VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co. is perfect!

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It has been almost 1 year since we came up with a noticeably high number of inquiries about the topic Have dealt with VCDS software. So today we would like to go a little deeper into the subject and the software for the VAG group introduce something closer. The purchase of a new diagnostic device can often be a difficult decisionthan you might think at first. The device is too important for you or your company and the selection is too large. Perhaps you have besides cheap solutions in the form of various OBD adapters Ever thought about a professional device with VCDS and the appropriate adapter, but were ultimately unsure because of the significantly higher costs. This text will tell you why VCDS is exactly right for you and what you should consider when buying.

VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co

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  1. The advantages of VCDS
  2. Price characteristics of the VCDS system
  3. Working comfortably with VCDS
  4. HEX-V2 and HEX-NET
  5. MQB-A0 small car as a special feature
  6. Plagiarism and "China-targeted"
  7. Buy a used device!
  8. Label templates
  9. HEX-CAN USB & ai Multiscan USB + CAN
  10. The FIN limit
  11. Auto scan with the VCDS system

The advantages of VCDS

The VCDS software offers one thing above all, and that is a huge one Features. At the end of 2020, VCDS was able to read out almost 24.000 error codes and display them to you. And this also applies to the latest models, for example from 2020 and even from 2021. "back

VCDS Pro Basic Kit Diagnostic Interface Device Tuning 4 Why the VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co. is perfect!

Price characteristics of the VCDS system

In the high quality diagnostic tools VCDS can keep up with the competition in terms of price-performance ratio. Because the updates for the system are free and the starting price is actually affordable too. Whether for private or commercial buyers. VCDS is offered through many Internet shops and the manufacturer's free support is available on various channels. "back

Working comfortably with VCDS

The advantages of VCDS are many. The Auto scan, which really lists all the elementary points, is done in minutes. Anyone who wants to check or change the coding is supported by a self-explanatory wizard. VCDS also stores made adjustments to control units and makes it so comprehensible and anytime correctable.

Measurements are also made easier. The measured values ​​are easily displayed graphically in diagrams and a direct one comparison-based scenarios with regard to suppliers offers, with setpoints is done quickly, as these are already stored in the system.

VCDS Pro basic kit diagnosis interface device tuning Why the VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co. is perfect!

VCDS is able to do this, even with cars that not to the VW group include reading out relevant engine errors and measured values. This is another argument in favor of VCDS.

Particularly interesting for brand workshops and VW Group contract partners

The number of vehicles sold that belong to the VW Group is huge. More than 50% of the customers of many workshops come in a car from the VAG Group. For all of these vehicles, VCDS is the best choice.
As is well known, VW itself already offers its own diagnostic system for its partners, which is optimally supplemented by the use of VCDS.

Also ideal for private individuals

Anyone an adapter seeks for private purposeswho can in good conscience at low cost VIN-limited VCDS adapter To fall back on. In combination with the direct exchange with other hobby mechanics and enthusiasts, entering the world of car diagnostics is no longer a problem. "back


Who especially vehicles of the VW group has in front of him, he will probably have a HEX-V2 and HEX-NET think. They are up to date with the latest hardware and support all car models the group down to the most recent. For an exact differentiation between the two variants, you should take a closer look at the shop page of the VCDS provider. Basically, however, it can be said that HEX-NET is the primary Difference for HEX-V2 one wireless use via WLAN makes possible. What both models have in common is that they are both in one Professional variant as well as enthusiast / hobby variant are available.

VCDS software Audi VW Skoda VAG HEX AI Multiscan 3 Why the VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co. is perfect!

The hobby variant is of course cheaper and on top of that 3 to 10 Vehicles / VINs / VINs / chassis numbers limited. "back

MQB-A0 small car as a special feature

If you have a small car from the VW Group in front of you, you should go for the MQB-A0 platform respect, think highly of. If a vehicle has this platform, interfaces of the old generation, such as a HEX-CAN USB, are not useable and it is often only the message that the device is not compatible, output. Vehicle with MQB-A0 platform are among others Polo VI, Seat Ibiza V, Seat Arona, Audi A1 GB, Skoda Scala, Skoda Kamiq, Skoda Kushaq, VW T-Cross. "back

Plagiarism and "China-targeted"

The market on plagiarism booming next to whole vehicle parts of course also with regard to Diagnostic tools. The internet market in particular is full of fake interfaces and some of them are not even cheaper than the originals, but of course they have decisive ones Disadvantages.

They are mostly not updateable and come with one modified VCDS version therefore. So you not only limit your own work, but unfortunately you are still a supporter of product piracy. If you are looking for good offers in the vastness of the Internet that do not come directly from an official or major sales person, you should find out about the topic in advance or contact VCDS if you are unsure.

Otherwise, especially with good plagiarism, it is often the details that make the difference. The screws used usually provide information as well as the text on the sticker. "back

Buy a used device!

If you want to save money, you usually fall back on a used purchase. What applies to many things in everyday life and other technology also applies to diagnostic tools. Should you have original interfaces like HEX-CAN USB or AI Multiscan want to buy, this is of course possible. In good condition and obtained from a reputable dealer, the devices will work as usual. There are also offers on the relevant stock exchanges from former users who may have the Have changed make of vehicle, why they no longer need the software.

VCDS software Audi VW Skoda VAG HEX AI Multiscan used e1618471325617 Why the VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co. is perfect!

One problem that you can have with a used purchase is a request from some seller / manufacturer regarding support. If the device comes from one of the VCDS sales people, they can insist that the support just applies to the original contractual partner. So only the name or the person on the invoice is used.

However, some VCDS salespeople regulate this differently. If the current seller has obtained it from such a partner, then the subject of support is not a problem. Such a sales person also grants used buyers full and uncomplicated support. With such a complex and important device, especially for workshops, this is of course an important point. Alternatively, there are also numerous Internet forums who stand by their users in an advisory capacity and certainly a request directly on the website of vcds.de does not. "back

Label templates

An important point to consider when using diagnostic tools is the Label templates. With the new function "experimental labels“In VCDS, which was introduced with version 17.8, you will be able to use ai Multiscan or HEX-CAN USB not come in contact because that function is here should not verfügbar.

As an owner of HEX-V2 or HEX-NET you can make it easy for yourself. You can simply load the label files maintained by Ross-Tech during coding or use the coding information that comes with ASAM / ODX data. This saves a lot of work, because the labels are labeled on its own.

It should be noted that when using old hardware the platforms are not very popular. If you have old hardware for example with new platforms like MLBevo uses, it will almost none Find label files. On the other hand, those who use new hardware will be able to see a wide range of ROD labels for themselves. "back

HEX-CAN USB & ai Multiscan USB + CAN

Are in the used market ai Multiscan and HEX-CAN USB still quite popular, but otherwise they are more of a discontinued model. Who vehicles, those after 2015 were built in full diagnose and encode who should refrain from buying these variants.

VCDS software Audi VW Skoda VAG HEX AI Multiscan 3 Why the VCDS software for Audi, VW, Skoda & Co. is perfect!

The control units of the vehicles are partly no longer available and the scan also takes a long time longerthan with older models or with current hardware. Who, however, anyway older vehicles wants to work, or the VCDS software is purely for the private use and want to get their own VAG vehicle, which is currently a bit old, is still with these models well advised, especially because they no limitation to have.

  • Control unit 4B (multifunction), replaces control unit 55 in the MQB platform from MY18
  • Curve radar 1 (address DB)
  • Curve radar 2 (address DC)
  • Comfort control unit 46 of the MLBevo platform (Q7 4M, A4 / A5 B9, ...)
  • Lane change assistant 2 (address CF)
  • Light control left (address 29)
  • Light control right (address 39)
  • Light control left 2 (address D6)
  • Light control right 2 (address D7)
  • Chassis control 74 of the MLBevo platform
  • Sliding roof electronics (address CA) of the MQB platform
  • Charger 1 for mobile devices (address DE) "back

The FIN limit

As already mentioned, there are both HEX-V2 and HEX-NET devices unlimited as a professional version or with limitation for hobby users. The limitation on both models is at 10 fin possible, but also with the HEX-V2 at 3 fin. The limitation allows only a maximum number of vehicles to be fully analyzed with the devices. The chassis numbers are saved in the interface and cannot be deleted. Accordingly, you should be aware of how many vehicles you want to analyze and how deep the analysis should go.

But there are functions that do not consume any fin. This includes:

  • Create auto-scans
  • Viewing measured values ​​/ measured value blocks
  • Creation of ECU images (Adpmaps)
  • View and delete fault memory
  • Use on vehicles of a certain age (from around 2002)

However, a fin is consumed when it comes to the following points:

  • adjustments
  • Entering access permissions
  • Actuator diagnostics
  • Set readiness of the engine control unit
  • Basic settings
  • encoding
  • Change the gateway installation list
  • Resetting the service interval
  • Change transport mode

You will and before the implementation of an action that consumes a fin, this fact is pointed out again and must also do so actively to confirm. "back

Auto scan with the VCDS system

A Auto scan describes a protocol where all control units of the car are listed. Information about the hardware, fault memory, coding, part numbers and the diagnostic software and hardware used can also be called up. An auto-scan is often important, especially for professional use. For complete anonymity remove some when scanning their chassis number. However, this can only be useful to a limited extent, as the VIN also stores the model year of the car.

PS. the counterpart to VCDS is called ODIS and comes from Volkswagen. "back

Of course that had not happened yet!

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