Everyone knows chipping - but what is vehicle chopping?

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VW Beetle chopping tuning Chipping everyone knows what is vehicle chopping?

Vehicle chopping has been around for a long time. The tuning scene has known the term for ages. He became known to a wider public but only really, as the California company West Coast Customs began professionally lowering vehicle roofs. This is exactly what chopping or the "top chop", in which the roof sits a few centimeters lower at the end, actually means. Among others the drivers of Hot Rods (box-like cars from the first half of the 20. century) always like to do chopping.

Hot Rod Choppen Top Chop Tuning Chipping Everyone Knows What is Vehicle Chopping?

What does chopping mean?

The English verb chopping translates into German as "hacken". On Top chopping is therefore a “chopping off” of the roof. In truth, it will be reduced, and sometimes it will be removed entirely. For this process, pieces of pillars A, B, and C must be cut out, then the workshop welds the roof back to the rest of the body. That's the theory. It goes without saying that it is naturally "a bit" more complex. The windows, possibly the doors, the upper part of the roof or the interior cladding and the seals must also be adapted to the process, which therefore requires a certain amount of effort.

Tuning Choppen Top Chop Chippen Everyone knows what is Vehicle Chopping?
extremely much work

Why do drivers have a chopping job done?

If you look at a hot rod, you understand the background. The cars are relatively high, which makes them pretty spacious, but somehow makes handling difficult or just does not look so cool. A deeper roof also reduces air resistance, the vehicles consume less, and the car is also lighter overall. Drivers and tuners came to the idea of ​​chopping in the 1930 years. Amongst other things, the Hot Rods took part in races, salt lakes were all about really high speeds and getting everything out of the car.

even current vehicles can be chopped

Due to the boxy, less streamlined shape of the hot rods, much could be achieved with chopping. The acceleration and the end speed improved considerably. Today, drivers of their tuning workshop have chopping done for visual reasons. That's not cheap, but the car looks sleek and sleek like a flat car. Chopping must necessarily carry out a specialist workshop, because it represents a significant interference with the statics of the body.

chopped - G-Tech Fiat 500 Abarth

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Everyone knows what is vehicle chopping?

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