Tip: simply check the vehicle lighting!

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For simple checks the lighting system you don't need professionals, they are more for that correct setting responsible. On the other hand, anyone can do simple checks of the lights from home without any effort. All you need is a bright house wall in front of which you can put the car. And the hazard warning lights or dipped headlights can also be completely turned off with a simple walk around the car without tools check.

the rear lights on the vehicle

rear lights car reversing lights lighting e1634900361661 Tip: Check the vehicle lighting very easily!

To check the brake lights, drivers drive backwards first in front of a bright house wall. At the Step on the brakes you should see a red even glow on the wall on both sides and above in the middle. Blinker you can either check in the car whether there is an orange light on the wall on the left or right, or you walk once, as with the hazard warning lights around the car. However, cars must also have a device that makes a broken turn signal recognizable. You used to be on rapid flashing orientate which one was shown in the display when the turn signal failed. Now it is mostly communicated as a specific note ("blinker defective" or similar) in the on-board computer. By the way, after inserting the Reverse gear, shows the bright white light of the reversing light. Then the in Nebelschlussleuch switch on, and see whether the brighter red light is a number brighter than the taillights.

check the headlights

Adjusting the headlight shutters Tip: Check the vehicle lighting very easily!

To the headlights To check, you turn the car and drive forward until a few meters in front of the wall. So, the front lights, like that Low beam, parking light and high beam check, attention, the high beam is on higher than the low beam. Built-in Fog Lights show their light points below the main headlights. To that daytime running lights To be able to see, the car should be just in front of the wall, and it should be for it not too bright outside be. In any case, the better alternative for all headlights in front is the aisle in front of the vehicle. And whether the headlights set correctly can be checked in the dark. The cut-off line for the low beam should be between 50 and 100 meters hit the ground. If this is not the case, a workshop should check it.

Crosshair headlight set Headlight cross tuning tip: Simply check the vehicle lighting!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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