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Info: Vehicle stretching - the longer the better

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Ultimate Six Hummer 12 Info: Vehicle stretching - the longer the better

Especially at weddings and bachelor parties so-called stretch limousines are increasingly used as eye-catcher, with which then the guests are picked up and driven to the appropriate location. American saloons such as a Lincoln Town Car or a Chrysler 300 C are often used as the starting vehicles, but SUVs from the United States are becoming increasingly common among stretched vehicles, such as a Hummer H2 or a Cadillac Escalade. Such a stretch limousine, which is extended from the B-pillar to offer more space, usually comes up with all conceivable comfort features that you can only imagine.

more luxury than in the living room

stretching vehicle extension tuning Info: Vehicle stretching - the longer the better

Not only is there a comfortable sofa that can seat several people, there are even stretch limos with an integrated whirlpool or a headliner that looks like a starry sky. Of course, these limousines also have six or more doors to offer guests a comfortable as possible entry. But there are not only the decadent stretch limousines and SUVs, but also ex-factory extended versions of standard sedans like a BMW 3er or a Mercedes C-Class. For the Chinese market, there is almost every European, Asian and American sedan as a long version, which, just like the American sedans was extended from the B-pillar, but only good 15 - 20 cm.

In China, long wheelbase vehicles are popular

These long versions then offer a lush legroom in the rear, which above all appreciate businessmen, who often do not sit behind the wheel in China, but are driven around by a chauffeur. In the rear, the vehicles have all imaginable luxury features such as an electrically adjustable single seat system, massage seats or a multimedia system with screens in both headrests, which can be controlled via rotary control in the center armrest in the rear. These limousines are also available in Germany as a gray import, and if you also feel like driving like a boss through the city, you can consider the purchase of such a long version into consideration. From A (cura) to Z (otye) there is something for every taste. As with any kind of automobile modification, there are also various curiosities like extending a car, such as a stretched Corvette or an extended Mini Cooper.

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