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Warning markings for vehicles - vehicle warning markings!

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Construction site vehicle warning markings Warning markings for vehicles Vehicle warning markings!

Proper labeling is required for vehicles that are using Special rights in road traffic want to be on the go, absolutely necessary. The necessity for ambulance transports or fire engines is self-explanatory, but numerous vehicles used in other areas can also be entitled to such special rights.

Warning markings for vehicles

This includes, for example, vehicles in the following categories: Construction vehicles, street cleaning, garbage disposal, excavators, post offices, the Federal Agency for Electricity, Railways, excavators and Crafter or models such as the VW T5, T6 and VW Caddy, as well as Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit.

According to Section 35 (6) of the Road Traffic Act, this is regulated as follows (quote): "Vehicles that are used for the construction, maintenance or cleaning of streets and systems in the street space or for garbage collection and are marked by white-red-white warning devices are allowed to drive and stop on all streets and parts of the street and on every side of the street in every direction at all times If their use requires this, however, only for cleaning the sidewalks if the permissible total weight is up to 2,8 t. The same applies to vehicles for cleaning the sidewalks, [...]"

Special dimensions and special regulations - vehicle warning markings

Warning mark for BF3 vehicles stand out from DIN30710. The distance between the strips and the height of the individual strips must be 3 cm for the BF18 vehicles. A variable message sign system must be equipped with a reflective film frame 17,5 cm wide. In addition, a foldable or removable sign with the note "Heavy transport" and two yellow all-round lights in accordance with Section 52 (4) StVZO must be installed. In addition, there is still Special dimensions for the warning mark. In Bavaria, extra-wide agricultural machinery must be identified using red and white reflective tape, for example. It must be 56 cm wide.

Correct application of the warning markings

Such vehicles with special rights must after DIN 30710 Specifications with Vehicle warning tape be marked. This consists of alternating, at a 45 ° angle, arranged, each 10 cm wide white and red stripes. A minimum area according to DIN 30710 consists of 2 individual areas, which in turn consist of 4 standard areas. A standard area is used to define the safety marking and includes 141 141 mm x mm.

8 standard areas, i.e. 2 minimum areas, represent the minimum requirement for proper labeling. 2 minimum areas are required for correct labeling of the front and rear of the vehicle. If the standard surfaces are correctly attached, the strips point to the left to the left and the stripes on the right to the right. The foil must be attached so that the converging strips one roof, or a "A-shape" surrender. The stripes point with the point TOP. For example, if the attached strips form a "V-shape", the marking was not properly attached and does not comply with DIN regulations.

Bonding and cleaning - vehicle warning markings

A processing temperature of at least 10 ° C should be ensured in order to guarantee good adhesion of the vehicle warning markings. You have to apply the warning mark as far as possible to the outer boundaries of the vehicle at the height of the headlights or tail lights. You have to make sure that they are attached symmetrically and the marking is also allowed not covered become. If the marking is improper, inadequate or missing, the special rights for the vehicle expire.

Construction site vehicle apply warning markings Warning markings for vehicles Vehicle warning markings!

Bonding procedure:

  1. Clean the surface
  2. Measure the length of the area to be glued and cut the film to size
  3. Remove the protective paper approx. 10 cm from the foil and fold it over
  4. Align the film on the vehicle
  5. Press the film on with the adhesive side down
  6. Remove the protective film and press the film on evenly with a plastic squeegee. (Do not touch the adhesive surface, do not stretch the film)
  7. Use the squeegee to smooth the film from the center outwards
  8. Press the film firmly, especially at the corners and edges
  9. Foil with conventional detergent and lukewarm water clean regularly
  10. Use high-pressure cleaners only very carefully for cleaning

Summary information on safety signs in accordance with DIN 30710 / KFZ - warning signs:

  • Not permitted for vehicles of class M1 (vehicles for passenger transport with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat (colloquially cars and mobile homes).
  • Vehicle warning markings in accordance with DIN 30 710 / Section 36, Paragraph 6 of the StVZO
    Retroreflective warning markings in red-white / yellow-red are installed on motor vehicles so that they are more visible in traffic in order to increase the safety of all road users.
  • Warning markings should be in accordance with DIN 67520 (Part 2) or at least have reflection class RA2.
  • Reflective warning markings must be printed with DIN 30710 and the manufacturer's mark.
  • Vehicles that exercise special rights within the meaning of Section 35 (6) of the StVO require vehicle warning markings in accordance with DIN 30710.
    - Winter service
    - street cleaning
    - road construction cars
    - attachments
    - vehicle bodies
    - Heavy-duty escort vehicles (BF3 = with a permissible minimum weight of 3,5 t)
  • Emergency vehicles used by the police, fire brigade, rescue services, etc. must also be marked with warning markings. (yellow Red)
  • According to §52 Abs. 4 StVZO, all vehicles that have a rotating beacon must also be equipped with a warning mark in accordance with DIN 30710.
  • Vehicle warning markings in accordance with DIN 30710 must be attached to point the way. (always outwards and downwards)
  • Marking for small vehicles must consist of at least two standard areas. (one standard area = 141 mm x 141 mm, diagonally divided white-red) (larger vehicles such as trucks need a label consisting of 8 standard areas (4 x pointing left, 4 x pointing right, at least two standard areas or a single area must be contiguous)
  • A DIN 30710 warning marker can be installed horizontally, vertically or as a combination of horizontally and vertically.
  • If a vehicle is used at right angles to the direction of travel, the warning markings must also be installed on the side.

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Construction site vehicle apply warning markings car warning markings for vehicles Vehicle warning markings!

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