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Fluffy eye-catcher - the Velvet film on the car!

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BMW i8 Velvet Black foiling Lexani Wriath Tuning 8 Fluffy eye-catcher the Velvet foiling on the car!

foiling are trendy and have long since replaced conventional paintwork! At least if the car is only to be given a new look and no repairs are pending. But modern foils for the car must be able to withstand the greatest environmental influences over the long term. Rain, snow, moisture, temperatures from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C, exposure to the sun and much more - the film must be able to withstand all weather conditions and also look good in the long term; a difficult undertaking.

special material required

Black Velvet Bentley GTC tuning 3 Fluffy eye-catcher the Velvet foiling on the car!

If you go in search of the right film, you will find most films made of carbon fiber reinforced polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They usually have a thickness between 0,12 and 0,18 mm. But then there is the velvet foil or velvet surface. The velvet film has a thickness of approx. 0,22 mm and is therefore much thicker. With a heat resistance up to 90 ° C, the durability against external influences is generally increased. The biggest advantage, however, is that the film is scratch and extremely tear-resistant thanks to the velvet surface. Everyone who has had their car wrapped in film knows it; after two years at the latest, fine cracks often form in the film, which do not necessarily improve the appearance. Most car film manufacturers offer a guarantee of between 1 and 2 years, a period in which the film has usually already passed its life cycle. The velvet film is more resistant to tears with a thicker film. And then we would be with the optics.

the eye-catcher - eye-catching look

Audi RS5 Mercedes C63 AMG velvet foiling tuning 10 fluffy eye-catcher the velvet foiling on the car!

With the matt effect, the velvet foiling makes the car look completely different since many edges, corners and beads visually disappear. Although it may not be for everyone, the car looks cleaner in any case. Incidentally, it is recommended to wash the car for the first time at the earliest two weeks after foiling. The vehicle can then be cleaned in the same way as cars without or with conventional foiling. The velvet film is also clearly an added value for the feel. So the surface feels soft and gentle. In contrast to a velours foiling, the pile of velvet is shorter and so it is avoided that the pile does not fold or fall out. Another advantage over standard foils is the application; Due to the soft surface, the velvet film is also suitable for use inside the vehicle. Panels, door frames and surfaces in the center console can be foiled in this way and the look can be significantly enhanced.

Application and legal information

Police fine catalog tuning fluffy eye-catcher the Velvet foiling on the car!

To apply the film, it is first heated using a hot air dryer, which makes it stretchy. So you can get to all corners and edges. It is best to leave this to the specialists in a clean room anyway to avoid dust inclusions and other particles under the film from scratch. The best look is guaranteed. There are hardly any legal concerns. Since the velvet film is not translucent, foiling headlights, license plates and windows is of course not allowed. Warning and signal colors may also not be used if the vehicle should continue to participate in public road traffic. Otherwise, the film can be applied to all smooth surfaces of the car.

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