Video racing games of the year 2022? We know two!

Need for Speed ​​2021 e1641408942467 Video Racing Games of the Year 2022? We know two!

The positive feedback from Formula 1 and arcade racer fans showed that the video games F1 2020 and Dirt 5 were able to convince in 2020 with their realistic simulation. But even in 2021 the video racing game industry (almost) did not let its fans down and cast its supporters under its spell with exciting announcements. We took a closer look at two "alleged 2021 games" and can immediately see what the year 2022 has in store for us to play. How it works? Very easily. The launch of both games has been postponed from 2021 to 2022.

Need for Speed ​​2021

What is the game about? In 2020, the Need for Speed ​​fans were able to get their first impressions of the game coming in 2021. Although not too much price was given back then, such as a complete game sequence, impressions of the technology were already given. A first look promised that Need for Speed ​​2021 will probably have all the features that fans of the series would expect from it, such as high-quality graphics and an extremely realistic environment with shadows and lighting. The game is the first in the series Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit from 2011, which is developed by Criterion Games (creators of Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted). But it did not come onto the market in 2021, but will be "at the earliest" this year to appear. And so the excitement and anticipation among the fans is even higher. Who is Need for Speed ​​2021 suitable for? Need for Speed ​​2021 is for everyone who prefers arcade action over realism. It is certainly a lot of fun and of course various luxury cars can be destroyed by crashes.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

What is this game about? Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown should ten years after the old part "Test Drive Unlimited 2" appear in 2021 as an open-world frenzy on the market. That didn't work! The time will come in autumn this year. Still some information from us. It is a continuation of the previous part of the game series, in which there will again be an unknown open area, which is a real replica of a real environment, which is to be explored. The game's story is all about luxury and boasting. In addition to the luxury of buying elegant sleds (e.g. Koenigsegg, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini) from various manufacturers, you also have to wear stylish outfits to impress. There will even be cosmetic surgeries where you will have to drive with a bandage for a while afterwards. The game is developed by Kylotonn (KT Racing) who have made a name for themselves in the gaming industry with racing games (Isle of Man and the WRC series). Who Should Buy Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown? Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is suitable for players who want to race and cruise with their friends, as the game developers have focused even more on the multiplayer mode than in Need for Speed ​​2021. There is also a story mode that allows players to experience the various racing championships and explore the countryside.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown 2022 Video Racing Games of 2022? We know two!

Is there an alternative in sight?

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Casino casino Monaco Fuerst Albert video racing games of the year 2022? We know two!

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