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Autotuning on VW Golf 3 (MK3) not without new rims

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VW Golf 3 Autotuning widebody widebody kit tuning car tuning on VW Golf 3 (MK3) not without new rims

Who a VW Golf 3 (internal type designation: 1H) would like to tune, which will need appropriate car parts for styling the car. The vehicle parts must fit the car. Through vehicle tuning, the car becomes an eye-catcher and at the same time the value of the Golf 3 is increased. The VW Golf has always been a cult car and provides a good tuning basis. Even the VW Golf 3 does not belong to the old iron, but is in the tuning scene a popular object to which there are still many tuning parts.

VW Golf 3 rims tuning

VW Golf III 1H VW tuning rims car tuning on the VW Golf 3 (MK3) not without new rims

The VW Golf 3 vehicle tuning is no problem with the right parts and a professional workshop. Individual tuning parts are available on the Internet for the various Golf models. Also in the area of ​​rims there is a lot to find for the Golf 3. For example, aluminum rims in many sizes can be purchased. On the Internet corresponding configurators can be found with which a tuning-enthusiastic Golf 3 owner can find the right rims and virtually looks at the vehicle. The rims are available in many color variations and can be adapted to the golf model at will. Common dimensions are 15 to 17 inches. From time to time there are also 18 Zöller but everything is bigger looks on the Gulf somehow inappropriate. At least that's how we see it! VW Golf 3 rims for car tuning but how to find the right guy?

this Golf has an airride & multi-part rims

1 car tuning on VW Golf 3 (MK3) not without new rims

As already mentioned, configurators can be used on the Internet to find the right tuning rims. The interested buyer is usually asked for the type of vehicle and can often even find the vehicle with the key number. Which vehicle type and which key number the car has, that can be taken from the vehicle registration. The configurators should lead to the appropriate rim types and display a corresponding selection in the tuning area. Anyone who has found his favorite rim, will receive on the product pages usually further information on the rims and, for example, even choose complete wheels. Anyone looking for modern tire and rim systems for their VW Golf 3 can choose models with tire pressure monitoring sensors.

This Mk3 has the R32 six-cylinder installed

1 car tuning on VW Golf 4 (MK3) not without new rims

The VW Golf 3 offers versatile autotuning possibilities. The wide selection of tuning parts, such as Golf 3 rims, allows the car fan to individualize and tune his Golf 3. Corresponding extensive products are available on the Internet. As for all vehicles, the MK3 also has multipiece alloy wheels, there are even carbon rims and of course, in terms of surface, countless variants and combinations. In conjunction with new alloy wheels, however, should always be thought of a lowering. Here are for the Golf 3 sports springs, a sports suspension or a coilover into consideration. Threaded springs or Airride air suspensions are also available for the 3er.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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