Warm-up regulator and tuning? It is important to pay attention to this!

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Warm-up regulator Warm-up regulator

The Warm-up regulator ensures that the engine runs smoothly when looking for one cold start slowly getting warm. It is directly connected to the motor so that it can measure the motor temperature directly as a controlled variable. The Bimetal spring is heated in the process. When the engine cools down, the bimetal cold spring pushes the spring plate of the valve spring down. This allows the valve membrane to move downwards and the Fuel control pressure flows off through the return line. When the engine warms up, the bimetal spring bends back up. This allows the valve spring to let the membrane flow back through the pin and the pressure piece. The fuel no longer escapes and the control pressure increases.

Why is the control pressure on the warm-up regulator?

The warm-up regulator has an influence on the control pressure of the fuel flow distributor. If the engine is cold, it is lowered accordingly. This means that the same amount of air can push the control piston further up using the lever. The so-called control slots open and the fuel injection volume increases. The mix is ​​thus enriched. Some preheat regulators have additional vacuum connections. Therefore, a Full load enrichment by reducing the control pressure be achieved.

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At full load, the negative pressure goes up the full load film, where the closing spring of the preload regulator is located. Therefore, the closing spring presses on the full-load diaphragm at full load. The voltage of the intake manifold vacuum at the vacuum connection is not so strong like idling or under partial load. The control pressure can thus escape through the fuel return opening and decreases accordingly. This in turn means that the membrane is no longer pressed too hard on the drain and the control pressure drops. The control piston slides further up in the slot holder, increasing the amount of fuel injected. So the mixture is finally enriched.

Replace heat regulators when there is an increase in performance

In fact, it makes sense to use the warm-up regulator on one performance increase / one Turbo conversion zu exchange. As already explained in detail above, the controller is responsible for the control pressures. With a turbo conversion, a new control pressure would arise here, which accordingly needs to be adjusted. After a modification, the values ​​normally deviate so much that the warm-up regulator need to be replaced. Usually the Ignition distributor replaced. A list for a print overview is easy to find on the Internet, or the manufacturer himself specifies the print in the product sheet.

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