If the warning lights in the vehicle suddenly come on!

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oil lamp oil lamp control lamp If the warning lights in the vehicle suddenly come on!

Warning lights in the vehicle are there to make you react. The signals should should not be ignored. The gives an overview of which warning lamps are in the vehicle Manual from the vehicle. The manual should always be in the glove compartment or at least somewhere im Find a vehicle where you can find it. The functions are precisely described in it. But often hardly anyone reads it through. If then the ESP, ABS or airbag light lights up, the mechanic in the workshop needs a look. Every driver should know which lamp is responsible for the brake system, airbag, ABS, engine control, ESP or oil pressure. Because there are differences. With one or the other warning lamp, the towing service should be called immediately instead of simply driving on.

Rules of thumb in the event of problems!

Diesel particle filter cleaning Control lamp 1 If the warning lamps in the vehicle suddenly come on!

  • means red to stop
  • yellow or other colors usually still allow to continue
  • If the information on a safety-relevant component, such as the brake, lights up, then the nearest workshop must be found quickly, even if it is orange
  • es lohnt sich always a look at the operating instructions, the level of the liquids and under the hood

The airbag light is on: what to do?

The shock can get through your limbs when they Airbag warning light concerns. In this case, immediately make an appointment with a workshop. There is a risk that the airbag in a possible accident does not trigger. And not only can it a, rather multiple airbags be affected in the vehicle and not trigger in the event of a collision. The installed impact protection interacts with a number of control and measuring components.

Airbag indicator light If the warning lights in the vehicle suddenly light up!

If a part is no longer functional, an automatic mechanism is created that sets the warning light to the seated person who is buckled up activated, On only lights up temporarily shouldn't hide that one Defect / problem is present. When the ignition is switched on, the warning light should normally go out again. Basically, however drove on when the lamp is lit. But the nearest workshop should be contacted. Especially when you are still on a long drive.

The ABS lamp lights up: action is required!

As soon as the ABS lamp lights up, a workshop should be visited. It is possible that with a non-functional ABS, the tires of the vehicle stubbornly on a wet road To block. This would mean that evasive maneuvers are no longer possible or controlled evasive action is even prevented. The reason for the blocking would be a sensor defect on a wheel. The control is indicated in the vehicle by an orange stylized brake.

Retrofitting ABS anti-lock braking system Tuning 1 If the warning lights in the vehicle suddenly light up!

In addition, the label lights up ABS on. As with the airbag, when the ignition is switched on, the symbol should go out after a few seconds. But even here it is possible to continue to the nearest workshop. In this way a mechanic can control how it comes to light. However, it is essential to pay attention to the road conditions.

Traction control and ESP lights up!

Care must be taken when the warning light from the DTC (Dynamic Traction Control, ASR traction control, ESP electronic stability program) lights up. This is there to signal that the vehicle can break away when accelerating. At this point the speed must be reduced immediately. Otherwise, the vehicle risks losing its lane, especially on wet roads. If the warning signal goes out, then the car is back in the desired lane. In many vehicles it is also possible to activate the assistant at the push of a button deactivate. Then the control lamp in the cockpit lights up continuously. It is normal for the orange lamp to come on for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on and then go out.

Illuminates warning triangle on an icon with two Serpentine lines, then the vehicle has too little contact with the ground. Aquaplaning or an icy road surface could be the problem. Then you should carefully reduce the throttle and hold the steering wheel. If the light stays on without problems with the road, you should contact the nearest workshop. If it red lights up, they should stop. In this case, the breakdown service must be contacted.

Driving dynamics control ESP electronic stability program symbol 3 e1626767999673 If the warning lights in the vehicle suddenly come on!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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