water damage? What if it rains in the car?

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Sunroof in the rain for water damage

When the sun is shining and the weather is nice, it is often not unusual to remove the sunroof or a piece of the side window from the car to leave openwhen parking. Also the unintentional pressing of the button for the comfort opening can open the windows and sunroof unnoticed. The unexpected fall of rain can be devastating and the seats, floor and dashboard are soaked. In this case, however, there are a few simple tricks, like the car can be dried again. In a first step, designed Towels suck up large amounts of water. But even after that you can still do it leave for a few hours, in order to absorb even deeper moisture, for example in the seats. Moisture can also be removed from the floor by laying cloth rags on it. As an alternative in an absolute emergency, kitchen roll, toilet paper or newspaper are of course also suitable. Wet floor mats however, will be best out of the car removed and placed in the sun or over the heater to dry.

the parking heater can also help in an emergency

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When equipped with a Stationary heating system If necessary, this can be switched on in order to accelerate the drying process with the heat. If it is a transporter or van, the seats can often be replaced get extended. This way you can get to the floor better on the one hand, on the other hand the seats can be used in the sun or in the house to dry. In dry weather, a window gap can be left open to allow the humid air to leave the car. If it rains, however, there is a risk that it will rain again. On the other hand, you should only careful deal with the heating. The evaporated water can lead to that the windows fog up and thus limit the view. Therefore, in this case, the ventilation should definitely be at full speed run and the window can be partially opened. This also avoids the unpleasant sauna effect. In case of unpleasant smells special cleaners or fragrance sprays help. If these are more stubborn, it may be necessary to have a professional thorough cleaning done. Such companies mainly specialize in restoring vehicles after floods. However, they can also be helpful for minor rain damage.

Summary information on the subject of water in the vehicle:

  • Moisture in the car can have various causes and also from wearing parts and material fatigue (porous seals on doors & windows, leaking windows, damaged door seals, leaks on the convertible top) result.
  • Front and rear windows shattered by hail damage or clogged rain drains (Leaves and dirt clog the depression between the windscreen and the bonnet) can be the cause.
  • if the interior is soaked, unpleasant, dangerous and expensive consequences such as rust or damage to the electronics can be the result
  • permanent accumulation of water leads to the formation of bacteria and mold spores
  • Home remedies such as an old sock (s) filled with rice, salt, coffee powder, cat litter also help to dehumidify
  • Avoid moisture in the car:
    – Regularly check the rain drains on the sunroof and on the doors for blockages
    – Rinse the drains with a little water
    – Carefully clean channels with a vacuum cleaner
    – Take a close look at the ventilation slots under the windscreen and the bonnet and clean them if necessary
    - use none sharp objects, wires or even drain cleaners
    – Always care for rubber seals with a grease pencil
    – also take a closer look at the wheel wells (clogged rain drains may show up in the wheel wells)
    – Check the floor in the area of ​​the rubber mats for moisture and place newspaper under the mats in winter
    – always change all filters
  • quick help in winter brings the heating (turn it up high, do not set it to recirculation mode)
  • Open windows and let moisture out
  • Dehumidifiers may also be helpful
  • a lot of water in the car has to be skimmed off and then the car has to be dried with a fan heater
  • technical defects such as damaged radiators, broken hoses of the rear window cleaning system, etc. can also be behind it

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