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A better water pump can do more!

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Electric water pump tuning circulation pump e1578729833961 A better water pump can bring more power!

Engine tuning and general performance tuning in the car also means that other vehicle components must be designed for performance. For example, there are improved water pumps for the market Car cooler available, but there are also electric water pumps for the water-cooled Intercooler can be used. We will go into more detail on the tuning equipment in the water pump area and explain what the improved automotive parts actually bring.

Upgrade for performance & durability

Electric water pump tuning circulating pump 2 A better water pump can bring more power!

Water pumps are often equipped with a plastic wheel. This wears out and is a weak point on the water pump. Improved variants usually have a metal wheel that is less susceptible. While conventional water pumps rely on plastic wheels that can come loose from the shaft, the metal wheels of improved water pumps offer significantly higher stability. With conventional water pumps, if the plastic wheels come off the shaft and the pump fails, the motor will become too hot and the motor may even be damaged. Powerful tuning engines in particular need a stable, improved water pump construction.

Electric water pump - intercooler

Electric water pump tuning circulation pump 3 e1578730004789 A better water pump can bring more power!

Water-cooled intercoolers are often used in the tuning area. If you want to use such a charge air cooler, you usually need a circulation pump. The circulation pumps are also available under the term “electric water pump” and are specially offered for water-cooled charge air coolers. The electric water pumps are available with specific delivery rates (15 liters per minute etc.) and can be operated with the 12-volt electrical system. The delivery capacity must be sufficient for a water-cooled charge air system. The water must not flow too fast so that the absorbed heat can also be given off, but it must not flow too slowly either.

Electric water pump - more power?

Electric water pump tuning circulation pump 4 e1578730080909 A better water pump can bring more power!

Are performance and electric water pumps related to water-cooled intercoolers? This question is often asked on internet forums. In general, the electric water pump makes sense for vehicles that are tuned and have significantly more power. And with regard to the water pump for the cooling circuit of the engine, an electrical variant can certainly provide additional performance. Commercial pumps are equipped with a belt drive, which drives the motor. However, this becomes superfluous if an electrical variant is used. This can reduce consumption and the engine must also have an auxiliary unit fewer drive. The saved power can then be given to the wheels and can definitely provide more power. By the way, modern electric water pumps are equipped with a thermal control (temperature control) fitted. This regulates the pump and only runs at the necessary speed. The non-electric variants do not cool as quickly as the electric water pumps. The engine performance can be maintained by the good cooling and does not drop. At the same time, the life of the engine can be increased. Even when the heat gets extreme, the electric water pump provides sufficient cooling. The device cools regardless of the engine speed.

Improved water pump - what to look for when buying?

Proven systems from well-known manufacturers should be used when purchasing an improved water pump. In tuning workshops and in internet forums, high-quality water pumps from manufacturers are recommended. When choosing the electric water pump, attention should be paid to suitable connection options and the flow rate. The electric water pumps for water-cooled intercoolers should be equipped with thermal control.

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Efficiency from the turbocharger - the vacuum unit

Vacuum can Vacuum can Turbodose 2 e1578550465305 310x165 A better water pump can perform better!

Improved timing belt, pulleys and camshaft gears!

Timing belt pulley camshaft sprocket e1578576957836 310x165 A better water pump can perform better!

Streaming: Fire TV for the car? Amazon is working on it!

Alexa Amazon Fire TV Auto e1578724747996 310x165 A better water pump can do more!

Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

K% C3% BChlfl% C3% BCssicht Glysofor antifreeze tuning e1578634786937 310x165 A better water pump can perform better!

Detailed work on the chassis - install adjustable dome bearings!

adjustable strut strut% C3% BCtzlager St% C3% BCtzlager 2 310x165 A better water pump can bring more power!

For optimal cooling - the high-performance fan!

Rennsportl% C3% BCfter high-performance oil% C3% BCfter suction oil% C3% BCfter 5 e1578637200613 310x165 A better water pump can perform better!

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