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Car windows darken with the Wave lens tint

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Renegade Design Bodykit tuning Maserati Levante 10 car windows darken with the Wave lens tint

Elegant on the outside, comfortable on the inside: tinted windows give the car an impressive look, while in the interior they protect the driver and passengers from the blinding sunlight and heat. In addition, the tint can be an effective burglary protection, because it obscures the view of valuables in the parked car and protects the disc against shocks. Sounds good! However, there are certain limitations in tinting, which is why you should think about a so-called wave-disk tinting. What advantage it has, we explain to you below.

BMW E46 M3 HRE Performance Wheels 540 tuning 5 car windows darken with the Wave lens tint

Windows are allowed in the field of vision of the driver not pasted will

If you're thinking about tinting your car windows with slides, you should pay particular attention to the fact that legislators in Germany have defined strict rules for them. The most important thing is that you are not allowed to stick foils in the driver's field of vision. The windscreen is taboo even for transparent films, as it can cover the field of view if damaged. Gluing the side windows between the A and B pillars is only allowed in a very limited area.

Wave Edition tinting film Tuning window tinting 2 car windows darken with the Wave window tinting

Therefore, caution is required: The fine for incorrectly applied tinting foils can be up to 90 Euro and one point in Flensburg in a severe case. And of course you have to remove the slides when the police have taken offense. The described legal situation means in plain text: Only a little more than half of the discs should be tinted. This not only adversely affects the look of your car, but also the effect of the films for the interior.

The Wave lens tint covers a larger area

So that car friends comply with the legal requirements when tinting discs, but at the same time can cover the maximum surface of their discs with slides, there are slides in the so-called "Wave Edition". Wave tinted films have a parabolic transparent cutout that extends into the front side windows at the top and bottom. Since the surface of the front side window up to a maximum of 0,1 m² in the non-visible area may be pasted, this form is legal. The cutout extends to the rear side window and widens the field of vision of the driver. With a little imagination, the look is reminiscent of a wave (English "Wave"). With the Wave lens tint, you'll be on the safe side the next time the police stop you and get the best possible effect of tinting your car. Especially for sports-oriented car tuners Wave slides are worth considering, because they give the car a sporty appearance. You can order them from specialist retailers and well-known film manufacturers such as CFC (Cutline Thermatec Wave Edition). However, here too the information condensate this disc tinting could be banned. So ask the TÜV better.

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