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Webasto - new system ensures germ-free air!

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Webasto HEPA system for aseptic air tuning Webasto - new system for aseptic air!

Webasto is a specialist company that specializes in practical solutions in the field of vehicle construction and equipment. And that doesn't just apply to the well-known Parking heaters. The systems from Webasto are playing an increasingly important role, especially in the current Covid-19 situation, the new air filter systems have great potential. And now Webasto has a new retrofittable air filter system at the start. The new system is a HEPA air filter system, which is a system that can filter even the smallest suspended particles from the air. With a degree of purification of 99,995 percent, the new "HFT 300" and "HFT 600" filter systems reliably remove viruses, bacteria, aerosols and dusts from the room air. The particles can even be smaller than 0,3 micrometers. The big advantage of the filters is that they can be easily retrofitted.

Webasto air filter system

Webasto HEPA system for germ-free air Tuning 2020 5 Webasto - new system for germ-free air!

These systems can not only be used as standard in motor vehicles, they are also particularly suitable for ambulances, buses or trams. For different sized vehicle interiors, Webasto has two filter variants with a length of 60 or 120 cm in stock. The systems can clean up to 300 or even up to 600 cubic meters of air per hour. And they can be linked together. In this way, several air filters can be combined in larger rooms despite different positions. These have a diameter of 20 centimeters and are quite light with 3,1 and 5,5 kilograms in weight. The filter systems can be operated using a 12-volt or 24-volt connection and the filter change is contamination-free. The new systems will be available in Europe from August. If we receive timely information on further details, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Webasto HEPA system for germ-free air Tuning 2020 3 Webasto - new system for germ-free air!

the key points about the new system:

  • eliminates 99,995% of airborne infections and pollutants
  • HEPA H14 classified filter
  • high air exchange rate
  • + up to 10 m³ of cleaned air per minute
  • ultra compact and light
  • tool-free, easy replacement within 30 minutes
  • Replacement of the air filter system without risk of contamination
  • available in two versions: 300 and 600 m³ / h
  • Filter change display
  • compliant with the EC directive CE 47/2007
  • complies with WHO / CDC / ECDC air filter guidelines
  • CE / UL compliant

Webasto HEPA system for germ-free air Tuning 2020 2 Webasto - new system for germ-free air!

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