Wet sump lubrication - alternative to dry sump lubrication?

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Slammed 1972 Chevrolet Blazer Tuning Airride Motorswap 1 wet sump lubrication alternative to dry sump lubrication?

Wet sump lubrication is widespread in common cars and is also known as pressure lubrication. The term wet sump lubrication is a differentiation from Dry sump lubrication thought. Both variants are engine lubrication designed to reduce the friction of moving engine parts. Engine lubrication is used in internal combustion engines and is also used to remove heat from pistons and from the bearing points. The heat dissipation is guaranteed by the lubricating oil. The engine lubrication is also intended to transport dirt (combustion residues) and wear particles into the oil filter. What exactly is wet sump lubrication and whether retrofitting makes any sense is explained below.

Wet sump lubrication - what is it?

Retrofitting wet sump lubrication Tuning wet sump lubrication Alternative to dry sump lubrication?

Wet sump lubrication is a circulating pressure lubrication and is used in the four-stroke engine. The system of circulating pressure lubrication is used for most car and motorcycle engines today as engine lubrication. The engine lubrication supplies the absolutely necessary lubricant (oil). In wet sump lubrication, the lubricant is in one sump guided, which sits under the crankshaft. A oil pump ensures that the oil is transported to the oil filter. The oil is brought from the oil filter to the lubrication points. Several oil pumps are also often used if the vehicles achieve high lateral and longitudinal accelerations. The oil pumps are distributed in the oil pan and are necessary to suck in oil, regardless of the driving situation. The rotation of the crankshaft turns the oil into an oil mist piston cooling used. Furthermore, the oil film on the cylinder-piston raceway is maintained. The oil that drips off during pressure lubrication is collected in the oil pan. Dry sump lubrication is another variant of engine lubrication that is more complex to install.

Dry sump lubrication vs. Wet sump

With dry sump lubrication, a separate oil container is required in which the lubricant is guided. Dry sump lubrication is also used in four-stroke engines. A pressure pump is required as the first oil pump in order to deliver the oil to the necessary lubrication points. Another oil pump, the return pump, sucks the oil out of the oil sump and feeds it back into the oil tank. The second oil pump is a so-called suction pump. The return pump must have a higher delivery rate than the pressure pump. The higher delivery rate of the suction pump is necessary so that the oil is pumped out of the oil reservoir in every situation.

Wet sump lubrication - retrofitting?

Wet sump lubrication not only has advantages. The oil can reach the cylinder head or the crankshaft on the way to the oil sump, making it difficult to lubricate other parts in between. In addition, wet sump lubrication is standard in many cars and tuners upgrade to dry sump lubrication rather than wet sump lubrication. Dry sump lubrication has the advantage that the separate oil pan enables large motors to be installed. Wet sump lubrication, on the other hand, requires an oil pan that is located below the crankshaft. This takes up space and is not suitable for every tuning engine. It is therefore questionable whether retrofitting makes sense.

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