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What helps against fogged windows in the car?

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Cleaning the car windows Cleaning the fogged windows What can be done against the fogged windows in the car?

Fogged windows in the car are always an obstacle, but ours Tips help against it! Fogged up car windows get on our nerves but is much worse: They increase that Accident risk. You now learn how to use your car dry out - and above all what are the causes behind the fogged up windows! Fogged up car windows come mostly in the cold season before, because the cold air stores fewer Humidity. The result is condensation on the ice-cold windows. But the moisture also gets through ours wet clothes into the car. Also Breathing air, broken seals and clogged drains ensure moist air inside the car. The important thing is the discs and before to remove condensation on departure so that the view is clear.

Tips against fogged car windows

  1. Tip - Take off wet clothing. Knock off your shoes, then get in, shake off wet clothes from the coarse moisture or store them in a plastic bag. Umbrella in the trunk.
  2. Tip - Window down! Even if this is uncomfortable - especially when it's cold, it helps if you open the window a little. The warm, moist air you breathe can escape and fog up the windows can not be .
  3. Tip - Release ventilation grille: Depending on the vehicle type, are located in the interior several outlets. Care should be taken to have these air vents can not be concealed are. The air circulation in the interior should be even and function as intended.
    Air vents Ventilation nozzle Ventilation grille Tuning 4 What helps against fogged windows in the car?
  4. Tip - Use high pressure cleaners sparingly: It is certainly an advantage to regularly use a high-pressure cleaner from the vehicle, even in winter Salt and dirt to free. On the other hand, it also ensures that Moisturizer got to the last seal and there remains. So with the high pressure cleaner should economical be circumvented. In that case is one Car wash with Dryer function the better choice (can you actually use the car wash in winter? Our contribution "Car wash in winter: Here are a few tips!“Has the answer)
  5. Tip - Do you speak little: If several people are sitting in the vehicle, communication should take place limited will. Due to the increased emission of breathable air increased the moisture in the vehicle and the windows tarnish faster.
  6. Tip - Air circulation switch Note: If the air circulation function is activated, the car windows remain fog up, because only the moist air is then circulated in the interior. You should see that the Air circulation switch is deactivated in this case.
    air circulation button air circulation car e1611754642220 What helps against fogged windows in the car?
  7. Tip - Disc sponge: When the engine is cold, fogged windows can be removed using a suitable sponge wiped off will. But buy a high-quality product that absorbs well, otherwise unsightly streaks will form, which are particularly annoying when the sun is low. Important: Wipe can not be criss-cross, but only in one direction. Best from top to bottom.
  8. Tip - Switch on heating and fan: Set the fan and temperature switches to highest step and aim the airflow directly at the Windshield. Usually there is even for it a special button with the symbol of the windshield. If the air vents in the center console are still closed, almost all of the air is directed to the windscreen to dry.
  9. Tip - Switch on air conditioning: This is probably the most effective weapon against the fogged windows, because the air in the air conditioning optional becomes. Fogged windows are free in a few seconds.

Put your car really "dry"

Moisture penetrates the car, especially in autumn and winter. One of the causes is clogged water drains in the area of ​​the windshield. In autumn, the leaves from trees collect there and clog the water drains. Rainwater then penetrates through the filters and cable ducts. Also broken seals can be the reason. If there is any suspicion, a workshop should replace defective seals. Moisture has already collected inside the car, for example in the Floor area, then additional help Luftentfeuchter for draining. The cause of the moisture penetration must be remedied urgently. Fogged windows are only the slightest problem here. Many vehicles have various control parts integrated in the floor, which literally drown can.

Car water drain clogged Drain 2 e1611753978205 What helps against fogged windows in the car?

Another cause - fogged car windows!

Often it is also due to the Interior filter. It should be replaced every 15.000 kilometers at the latest. A dirty filter has a reduced air flow. ventilation and Air conditioning then cannot work properly. So the moisture does not come from inside the car. Important when changing: if possible with a filter activated carbon choose. This neutralizes pollen and pollutants. The filter is installed in different places in the vehicles. We have discussed here how the change works.

Prevent fogged windows

The Causes for moisture need to be eliminated. So that the windows in the car do not fog up bent forward . Socks and Cotton sack filled with cat litterthat you put on the dashboard are only conditional Luftentfeuchter. The cat litter only works at direct contact with the liquid reliably. As also, by the way Rice. Das regular brushing the car window definitely helps. Dirty windows fog up a lot faster than clean. There are also special ones in stores Anti-fog sprays, this versiegeln the panes and prevent moisture from settling on them. Under the floor mats should newspapers lay. They absorb the moisture, but have to do it regularly RENEWED . Professional solution: Silicate pillow / silica gel - it absorbs and works really!

Drive you can not be with steamed up car windows

Driving with fogged car windows is a lot dangerous U.S. as well punishable. Ten euros and more fine stipulates the catalog of fines. You will get one in the event of an accident complicity and it may depending on the Car insurance in the case of negligent action to restrictions in the Claims settlement kommen.

fogged windows moisture car What can be done against fogged windows in a car?

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