The wheel change on your own? It is important to pay attention to this!

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alpine symbol winter tires Changing a wheel on your own? It is important to pay attention to this!

Who doesn't All season tires has installed with the appropriate approval, set a link from your homepage to Change the tires of the vehicle twice a year. Autumn is currently coming and the winter tires should soon be on the vehicle. Either the vehicle owner has the necessary skills and the right tools and changes the tires himself or leave the tire change to the Workshop. If you want to change the tires yourself, you should pay attention to the following tips. The art of tightening the screws with the right force. It's easy to get the screws too tight to attract. Some hobby craftsmen believe that tires must be screwed on as tightly as possible, otherwise they will loosen while driving. But the screws are too tight tightened, the thread can overturn and yourself bend.

note the torque

Use a torque wrench e1633074260593 Do you want to change a wheel yourself? It is important to pay attention to this!

If there is too much tension on the screws while driving, they can be damaged and in the worst case break or tear off. But who too careful and only tighten the screws very loosely, is also doing the wrong thing. If you want to tighten the rims optimally, you need one torque wrench. The vehicle manual states how high the tightening torque is for the screws on the rims. Forums and other websites also help to get the information. Tip: Don't forget, if the tires have been changed, the screws have to be tightened again after the first 50 km drive followed with the torque wrench again, of course.

The jack must be positioned correctly!

Will the jack at the wrong place applied, this can lead to damage to the body. Each model can have its points for the jack in a different place. The manual reveals where the jack can be placed without hesitation. Often these places are marked with circles or triangles and sometimes special receptacles for the jack are already installed. If the vehicle is jacked up on the jack, it should be mandatory on a solid surface to stand.

flat jack lowering tuning 1 Do you have to change a wheel yourself? It is important to pay attention to this!

Check tires carefully before changing them.

Tires should be especially useful in winter no defects exhibit. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to whether the set of tires that comes on the car is already larger Wear and tear Has. Do the tires still have enough profile? A winter tire should at least 4 mm left and a summer tire at least 2 mm. Everything below that is partly still allowed, but No longer safe! And the tires that are currently still installed should also be examined. If major defects are found, wintering can be saved.

Axle geometry Wheel alignment Tuning 3 Do you want to change a wheel yourself? It is important to pay attention to this!

For example, if you see one uneven wear, the track may be set incorrectly. If this is the case, then the vehicle should be returned immediately Wheel alignment. However, it could also be on wrong air pressure lie. So you should previously check whether the currently installed tire has the correct air pressure Has. The right pressure is mostly in the tank cap or at the B-pillar noted. The tire pressure should be checked regularly, especially after changing tires.

Do the tires have a directional binding?

Not all Wheels indicate a direction of travel. If the tires have a direction of rotation, then they have the note "Direction" or an arrow on the flanks. If the tires have one direction, it is because of the tread. The profile is then aligned in a U or wedge shape so that it can optimally displace the water from the roadway. Such a tire can only displace sufficient water and prevent aquaplaning if it is running in the right direction. Another disadvantage if the tires are mounted against their specified direction of rotation, they stick worse and the Wear is higher. There is more on the topic in our article "Recognize the tire running direction? This is how it works!".

Directional tire directional tire Change of wheels on your own? It is important to pay attention to this!

Do not mount the winter tires too early!

Many motorists follow the "From O to O" rule. This rule means of October to Easter. But this is only a rough one benchmark. It is wiser to look after that outside temperature and to judge the weather. If the outside temperature is permanent below 7 ° C, the winter tires can already be attached to the car or they have to - when spring approaches - just stay with the car. In a golden autumn or a cold spell after Easter, the O to O rule is safe should not the best solution. If the temperatures are predominantly too warm for the winter tires, then they wear out faster and the braking effect also deteriorates.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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  1. I also noticed last weekend that my tires had to be changed again. As a precaution, I'll go to a workshop and have the tires changed there. Thank you for this clear contribution to changing tires! Good indication that not all wheels specify a direction of rotation.

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