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Cheap tuning possibility with wheel covers / Hubkappen

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Wheel covers Tuning Cheap tuning possibility with wheel covers / Hubkappen

Hub caps or wheel covers are part of the outer autotuning. Many tuners not only rely on aluminum rims, but also offer stylish wheel covers for the visual rounding of the car. The hubcaps for the tuning area are for many rim sizes (usually up to a maximum of 17 inches) and can be purchased in different colors and designs. Interested car tuners can choose between plain black, chrome, silver or upbeat color combinations. For example, wheel covers are also available in pink or neon green. You have as well as Alufelgen / steel rims etc. the free choice of Radzierkappen and can make your car to your liking.

Wheel covers - great looks, easy assembly

Wheel covers Wheel covers Tuning 2 e1562045146768 Cheap tuning possibility with wheel covers / hubcaps

If you do not want expensive aluminum wheels, then wheel covers, also called hubcaps, a good alternative. Your car can get the extra extra thanks to the matching hubcaps. The wheel covers are available for almost all standard steel rims. The hubcaps can be purchased in chrome or other chic and upbeat color combinations. The assembly of the caps can be done quickly by hand. You do not usually have to go to a tuning workshop. The old wheel cover (if available) You have to peel off of course first and the new aperture you can just press. Every now and then a bit of tact is needed so you do not break the noses of the hubcap. Normally, the cultivation works but in a few seconds.

Hubcaps for car tuning - what to look for?

Wheel covers Wheel covers Tuning 3 e1562045283182 Cheap tuning possibility with wheel covers / hubcaps

It's important that your new, stylish hubcaps fit on your car rims. You should know how much rim-inches are installed. By default, it's usually 14 inches, 15 inches, or in rare cases, we've already found 18 inch hubcaps on the net. The correct customs can be found either on the tires or in the vehicle registration. Many companies (ONYX, UniTEC, Tenzo, Eight Tec, WHELLDISC & Co.) offer a wide selection of modern wheel covers which are made of high quality materials and are particularly robust.

Hubcaps - what are the advantages of hubcaps?

Wheel covers Wheel covers Tuning 4 e1562045467107 Cheap tuning possibility with wheel covers / hubcaps

Hub caps can provide significant visual and functional benefits in autotuning. The car gets a new look with stylish wheel covers. Hub caps also keep dirt and dust off the rims and wheel bolts. The unwanted dirt sticks to the hubcaps and is washed away again at the next wash. The useful caps can be used both in winter and in summer and are available in unbreakable, lightweight variants. Furthermore, the use of wheel covers ensures a certain rim protection. The steel rims are better shielded against external influences. Screws, wheel hub, valves, threads and even the brake system are protected by the hubcaps. Wheel covers can increase the durability of the rims and rim mounts.

Hubcaps - conclusion:

Wheel covers Wheel covers Tuning 5 e1562045521985 Cheap tuning possibility with wheel covers / hubcaps

Thanks to innovative hubcaps, which are made of lightweight and unbreakable materials, you can protect your steel rims. At the same time you do something for your individual car styling. Because wheel covers are available in countless colors and shapes. You have the choice and can order the items yourself and swap quickly. Pay attention to unbreakable materials when buying wheel covers and of course to the correct inch size. Also make sure that the clamping rings provide a stable, even pressure on all mounting brackets (retaining claws). Also, the hubcaps should have holes for ventilation of the rims and of course recesses for the valves. When installing snow chains, the wheel cover should be removed. Incidentally, the wheel covers must comply with Paragraph 36a of the Road Traffic Licensing Ordinance (StVZO). According to Kraftfahrtbundesamt no ABE is prescribed for a hubcap. A declaration of the TÜV according to § 19 / 2 StVZO is nevertheless recommendable.

Tuning is also possible with hubcaps

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