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What is a wheel rack for the rear of the vehicle?

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Wheel Rack Tuning Tire Rack Tire Rack What is a wheel rack for the rear of the vehicle?

Who has heard of the wheel rack? This is a term that is used in connection with special racks for tire storage / tire storage. A wheel rack is available for both the garage and certain car models. A wheel rack for the car is used to store spare tires. The articles are partly available for coupes, station wagons and also for other car shapes. They offer the advantage of always having one or more spare wheels with you.

Wheel Rack - even available for convertibles

Wheel Rack Tuning Tire Rack Tire Rack 1 What is a wheel rack for the rear of the vehicle?

Wheel racks are available for a wide variety of vehicle shapes. The articles can be intended for one tire or for several. Wheel racks are also available for convertibles with a foldable fabric roof and can even hold up to four complete wheels of a certain size. A wheel rack is usually mounted in the rear of the vehicle and should be designed in such a way that the trunk and other functional vehicle parts can still be operated without any problems. If you want to buy and install a wheel rack for your convertible, you should make sure that the convertible top can still be used normally. If the wheel rack is installed directly on the tailgate, it is important to ensure that a possibly installed electric tailgate opening is not overloaded by the additional weight. Even the standard ones gas damper can adjust their function under the additional weight. Some providers therefore provide corresponding reinforcements or point out that the original function is no longer available after installation.

Wheel Rack - what to look for when buying?

Wheel Rack Tuning Tire Rack Tire Rack 4 What is a wheel rack for the rear of the vehicle?

When buying a wheel rack for the car, compatibility should be considered. The rack should be able to be attached to the vehicle without any problems and not impair the functions. For example, variants are available that are only suitable for soft-top vehicles. In addition, the number and size of the spare wheels to be transported must be suitable for the wheel rack. The wheels must be securely attached to the rack and must not endanger vehicle safety. For example, a wheel rack for the convertible should be combined with a Roll bar be used so that the transported bikes do not endanger the occupants. Attention must also be paid to the material of the wheel rack. As a rule, high-quality steel is used for wheel racks, which is robust and durable. When buying, you should use rustproof, if possible coated (powder coating) Materials are respected.

Wheel rack - different colors possible

A wheel rack is available in different colors and, depending on the model, can be purchased or painted in your favorite color. Whether metallic graphite, yellow or another color, the items can be painted as desired. Vehicle tuning with a wheel rack in the desired color should be possible, depending on the vehicle. For example, a wheel rack can be bought to match the color of the roll bar of a convertible. Complementary or eye-catching colors that stand out from the vehicle are also possible.

Wheel rack - also for off-road vehicles

Wheel racks for off-road vehicles are also available in stores, and these can be purchased in robust variants that are suitable for the terrain. Regardless of whether the vehicle is to be driven on desert, rocks or dunes, with a wheel rack the driver is prepared for flat tires. Depending on the adventure, several spare tires should be able to be transported with one wheel rack. Before buying, the vehicle suitability and the legal side (overloading etc.) should be checked carefully.

not only intended for replacement tires

Wheel Rack Tuning Tire Rack Tire Rack 5 What is a wheel rack for the rear of the vehicle?

Incidentally, such a rack is not only intended for spare tires. It can also be used to reliably transport special weather-resistant suitcases, bicycles or other things. Older vehicles like the VW Beetle regularly installed such a luggage rack as an additional storage option.

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Wheel Rack Tuning Tire Rack Tire Rack 6 What is a wheel rack for the rear of the vehicle?

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